WE NEED YOUR HELP! First News is putting together a very special project…

Things To See And Do

First News is putting together our very own Top Trumps set, and we need your help to do it!

Click the link below, and you’ll see a list of amazing people who made a big difference to the world. All you’ve got to do is tell us how much of an impact that you think they made. How did they change the world? Do we still talk about the things that they did? If you’ve not heard of them before, don’t worry!

We’ve got a little bit of background on every impressive person on our Top Trumps Fact File – so don’t give them a low rating just because you don’t know them!

They’re also not being pitted against each other, SO each person will get their own individual rating regardless of category.

So go on, get started – and keep an eye out for our TOP new special project that’ll be coming your way soon! 



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skyangel · 6 years ago

Top Trumps are a brilliant idea but probably add a few more

ag0807 · 6 years ago

Loads of them are very influential. My favourite is Neil Armstrong

gwenrat · 5 years ago

Cool ? the queen ??

12kpalme · 5 years ago


ellafidd · 5 years ago

my fave is Emmerline Pankhurst she was such an inspirational woman and without her us girls/woman would not have our vote so i think she is the best and should have a 5 star rating.

ellafidd · 5 years ago

but when it comes to the world war II i would have to say Winston Churchill as he helped us win the war but out of the war time he wasn't quite as successful this could have been his reputation with the king but in the war he saved us from Adolf Hitler and with out him we would all be speaking German right now and be under the influence of Germany.

puppy123 · 5 years ago

I think that Rosa Parks was the best as she was very brave and not only was she black, but she was female too

wordworm · 4 years ago


aacurtis14 · 2 years ago