Go behind the scenes of Michael Morpurgo’s amazing new play, Running Wild

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From the author of War Horse comes another incredible puppet performance: Michael Morpurgo’s Running Wild. Set in the jungles of Thailand, Running Wild is about a girl named Lilly, who is saved from a tsunami by an elephant named Oona.

First News went behind the scenes of the play to chat to some of the cast, hear from the director and find out more – check it out in this Friday’s edition (Issue 562: 24–30 March 2017) of First News.

In the meantime, here’s a video sneak peek!

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owly · 7 years ago

Cool! Looks great!

labrador24 · 7 years ago

looks real!

dawnsky757 · 7 years ago

Looks cool!!!

lupo · 7 years ago

have you seen the play?

lupo · 7 years ago

does anyone know were the play is???????????????

huddlest · 7 years ago

I live in Thailand and this video is from Thailand!?

dcfan · 6 years ago

I've read the book and I hope that the play is as good as it.