Positivity Place

  • Happy News 6th May 2020

    Check out this awesome poster for coronavirus-fighting heroes!

    WE love this poster from Aadya, at Kings Macclesfield school. View More

  • Local Hero 6th May 2020

    This hero has been inspired to walk for charity, just like Captain Tom Moore!

    A DISABLED six-year-old boy from Bristol is walking ten metres a day for the NHS,… View More

  • Local Hero 6th May 2020

    Brynn is fundraising for an amazing children’s disability charity!

    BRYNN is currently isolating, due to severe asthma. That hasn’t stopped him from his fundraising… View More

  • Local Hero 6th May 2020

    This hero is climbing to Everest on her staircase!

    STAYING home during lockdown, Sophie Auld from Hampshire wanted to do her bit to help… View More

  • Local Hero 6th May 2020

    This super seven-year-old is running a marathon to raise money for homelessness

    HENRY Cleary from Stoke Poges, Bucks, set himself the challenge to help people affected by… View More

  • Happy News 6th May 2020

    DOCTOR DONATIONS: TV Doctors are helping real ones out by donating equipment!

    THE people behind popular TV shows set in hospitals have donated useful PPE like masks, gowns… View More

  • First News Isolation Station 29th April 2020

    Read this amazing poem called Super Rainbow vs Coronavirus by Keira Thompson!

    Worried looks on people’s faces I can’t go to different places! The dark and gloomy… View More

  • Local Hero 29th April 2020

    Oscar Newton has been delivering to those in need!

    OSCAR has decided to support people in need in his local village during lockdown. Every… View More

  • Happy News 29th April 2020

    LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN: Milan is rewriting the rules of its roads to reduce car usage

    MILAN is one of Europe’s most polluted cities – but after lockdown is lifted, that… View More

  • Happy News 23rd April 2020

    PEN PAL SUCCESS: This boy has received over a hundred letters!

    A LONELY boy whose mum asked online for pen pals has been inundated with hundreds… View More

  • First News Isolation Station 22nd April 2020

    These beatboxing brothers have written an inspirational song about the coronavirus outbreak

    RAHUL and Rohan Kumar’s song is absolutely awesome – and we’re loving the posters they… View More