Read this amazing poem called Super Rainbow vs Coronavirus by Keira Thompson!

First News Isolation Station

Worried looks on people’s faces

I can’t go to different places!

The dark and gloomy sky

Nearly made me cry!

The newly grown leaves

Shiver in the virus’s breeze.

We need to get a vaccine quick

Before COVID-19 gives out another trick!

The virus booms a wicked laugh,

“ Ha-ha-ha. I’ll block your path.

If you do not take care

You will lead everyone into great despair!”

Shrieks of children fill the air

As they hear the word despair.

So hide everyone, hide!

This is no time to play on the slide.

But who is this? He wears stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

Indigo and violet too.

Super Rainbow is here to save the day

Everybody shout hooray!

But no sword, no shield?

How will he fight in this monster field?

Charging behind him an army of front line workers

No weapons either, so they can’t be Gurkhas.

“The power of peace and hope”, everyone cheers at last

In one mighty blast!

The virus screams, “Oh no!

Where shall I go?”

The rainbow shouts, “Clear!”

And makes the virus disappear.

Back in their dark, cold lair

Coronavirus, flu and other viruses plot to keep us in despair!

Super Rainbow and his mighty crew fought the virus away!

But be warned, he might come back another day!

Follow the rules, stay inside, wash your hands with hot and soapy water

Then you can be like Super Rainbow’s every son and daughter

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flamingo27 · 1 year ago

I love this poem because it is very sweet

dyllyu · 1 year ago

Makes me cry 😭😭😭😢 Anyway gotta go 💩

rainbow8 · 1 year ago


cat55 · 6 months ago

Makes me really happy and it iz giving me hope for d future.

I love this poem!!