• 26th November 2021

    Would you vote for a cat?

    A GROUP of cat owners in the town of Akureyri, Iceland, has set up a… Vote Now

  • 17th November 2021

    Do you prefer to watch TV with the subtitles on?

    NEW research by captioning charity Stagetext has suggested that young people are four times more… Vote Now

  • 15th November 2021

    Will making buses free for young people help the climate?

    ONE announcement that caught our eye last week came from the Scottish Government, which says… Vote Now

  • 27th October 2021

    Do you think you should learn about the climate crisis at school?

    THE UK’s education unions have written to Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi calling for urgent action… Vote Now

  • 20th October 2021

    Take part in the First News Young UK Climate Challenge

    FIRST NEWS is making sure the voices of UK children are heard. World… Vote Now

  • 20th October 2021

    If you use social media, how old were you when you began?

    A THIRD of American children aged 7-9 use social media, says a new poll. It… Vote Now

  • 14th October 2021

    Should we ban flights within the UK?

    SHOULD UK domestic flights be banned to help protect the environment? That’s the question many… Vote Now

  • 14th October 2021

    What do you think of LEGO’s decision on gender stereotypes?

    LEGO has announced it is building towards removing gender stereotypes (fixed ideas about boys… Vote Now

  • 6th October 2021

    Should slang be banned in school?

    A SECONDARY school in London is banning pupils from using slang words in the classroom. Vote Now

  • 28th September 2021

    Nominate your favourite book here!

    THIS week we’re celebrating books and the joy of reading with the return of Bath… Vote Now

  • 27th September 2021

    Do you think causing disruption is a good way of protesting?

    A GROUP of environmental campaigners glued themselves to the M25 motorway to demand… Vote Now