Do you think it’s okay to bring dead pop stars back to life using AI?


10th January 2024

Legendary pop star Elvis Presley is stepping back onto the stage to perform his famous hits – thanks to AI (artificial intelligence)!

He’s being brought back to life virtually for an all-new show, Elvis Evolution, which will use old photos and videos to project a life-sized hologram of his likeness on stage.

Elvis shot to fame in the 1950s and is one of the most successful and popular musicians in history, with 500 million record sales. In total, he’s spent 67 weeks at the top of the Billboard chart (America’s official album chart). The only solo artist who can beat that is Taylor Swift who, just last week, spent her 69th week at the top.

Elvis died at home in 1977, aged 42. Even in life, he was at the cutting edge of technology – his 1973 concert in Hawaii was the first concert to be broadcast live around the world.

This new show will open in London in November before heading to Las Vegas, where Elvis performed many hundreds of times.

It comes after the success of a similar show featuring holograms of Swedish band ABBA – but this is a bit different, because ABBA are still alive.


Do you think it’s okay to bring dead pop stars back to life using AI?


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r-knite · 6 months ago

I strongly disagree because pop stars should not be recreated using robots as first of all, it will not be the same and it could trick children who are fans of the pop stars

bunny34 · 6 months ago

You really shouldn't bring them back to life.
Anyway it would be quite hard to FULLY bring them back to life but they could show a big screen of an edited music video showing them dancing to a new song.
But you still should just NOT bring anyone back to life with AI. :)

kb1. · 5 months ago

This could trick people

saltyjeff · 5 months ago

It would be ruining their legacy