Should the age limit for social media be raised to 16?


20th December 2023

There were reports in the media last week that the Government is thinking about blocking all under-16s in the UK from social media.

It’s not a firm proposal just yet, but the Government is said to be looking at lots of options in a bid to protect children’s mental health and keep them safe online.

Most social media sites say that you must be 13 or over to have an account with them, although as lots of you know, most sites don’t police that very well.

Instead of a complete ban, other options could include better age verification checks, so that it’s harder for underage people to sign up to social media.

One source was quoted as saying that the Government would rather “empower parents” to limit what their kids could see, rather than ban anything.

Should the age limit for social media be raised to 16?


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shreyan03 · 2 months ago

It should be raised to 16 as there are some inappropriate things on the internet

great · 2 months ago

It shouldn’t because kids can express things on there while parents don’t need to ban it, they can put parental controls on it. The parental controls can prevent inappropriate behaviour from coming up. Kids can explore the world from just on device, and they have been taught not to cyber bully so they can control themselves and be sensible.

Alaya Yousuf☺️

notahacker · 2 months ago

It should NOT be raised to 16 because people still know about the ONLINE SAFETY RULES and probably installed McAfee,
a firewall.

kb1. · 2 months ago

If the answer is 18 that is not fair! Because I'm only 6 and I want a phone early!

kb1. · 4 weeks ago

It is best for internet safety

saltyjeff · 2 weeks ago

I want to try social media it would be cool anyway that would ruin lots of teenagers fun because they can’t use it anymore