• 12th January 2017

    Do you feel that you need more support online?

    As you’ll read on this read Friday’s First News front page (Issue 552… Vote Now

  • 9th December 2016

    What would help you feel less stressed or down?

    What do you think would help you feel less stressed and down day to day?… Vote Now

  • 8th December 2016

    Should pupils give their teacher a Christmas present?

    As we approach the end of the term, we want yo know: Should pupils give… Vote Now

  • 7th December 2016

    Should parents be pushier with their children?

    That’s what a lot of people are asking this week after a new… Vote Now

  • 30th November 2016

    What would you ask Santa to do for the world in 2017?

    FOUR out of ten children want to ask Santa to keep other kids safe… Vote Now

  • 24th November 2016

    Is Buckingham Palace’s makeover money well spent?

    The Queen’s house may be getting a makeover that could cost the UK Government more… Vote Now

  • 16th November 2016

    Are you worried about Donald Trump becoming US president?

    LAST week, the American people voted for a different kind of leader to become… Vote Now

  • 26th September 2016

    Should Cats be Allowed Outside?

    A debate has been going on in the USA since a 2013 study… Vote Now

  • 9th August 2017

    Do you ever worry about your old social media posts?

    YOU could soon have more control over what happens to personal information you put… Vote Now

  • 25th May 2017

    Do you think plain packets will make people less likely to smoke?

    Do you think plain packets will make people less likely to smoke? Let us know in… Vote Now

  • 29th March 2017

    Do you think lynx should be released back into the UK?

    In this week’s issue of First News (Issue 563: 31 March – 6… Vote Now