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Is it unfair to ban all parents from sports days, or is the school right?


5th July 2019

BEING banned from sports day is occasionally used as a punishment for a pupil, but one school in Wales has just banned every single parent from all future sports days!

Sheena Duggan, the head teacher at Pentrebane Primary School in Cardiff, sent a letter to parents at the end of June. “Unfortunately, over the last number of years, the behaviour of adults attending sports days has worsened,” she wrote, adding that some angry parents “can be threatening and intimidating” and had sworn at teachers while pupils were nearby.

Mrs Duggan said that the problem was with a “small minority” of parents, but some who contacted the BBC said it wasn’t fair to ban everyone just because a small number of adults had behaved badly. What do you think? Is it a fair decision? Let us know by taking part in our poll, and leave a comment to let us know what you think of parents’ behaviour at your sports days.

Is it unfair to ban all parents from sports days, or is the school right?


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ninjakiwi · 2 weeks ago


toffeedogs · 2 weeks ago

I think it's unfair to ban ALL parents i think they should only ban the ones who are being rude, I mean would they ban all pupils.

asbml · 2 weeks ago

This is not fair. They should give personal bans as only a few are bad behaved.
The parents who have done nothing wrong don't deserve to have the ban and not being able to watch the children.

chahou · 2 weeks ago

Most parents can not help the fact that they have been told to go to sports day because they have done nothing wrong.

Mog18 · 2 weeks ago

yes it is right. Loads of parents pressure their children to win stuff, the school system is messed up enough already. We really need to fix it. Anyway, it's right. sure they could only ban the one's being overbearing, but that's too specific.

flybee · 2 weeks ago

I think that it’s definitely unfair to ban
adults from this kind of event. It only happens once a year, and it’s a great chance for children to bond with their parents.

comet182 · 2 weeks ago

I disagree with the banning strongly.
Personally, I love it when my parents and family attend my sports days,as they support me and make me feel proud,even if I lose.
Just because some of the parents decided to behave wrongly,they shouldn't ban all parents from coming,as it has an affect on us,too.

wightbike · 2 weeks ago

In my opinion only the parents who are being not well behaved should be banned not all because sports day is a chance to see how your child is doing at sports :)

stampyfan1 · 2 weeks ago

I think the parents who have said anything bad should be banned but not the others

artymartin · 2 weeks ago

I agree with asbml it is unfair.

9dolphin · 2 weeks ago

I think it is right as there is pressure on the children. They could easily ban just one parent but that would target the parent and the child and everyone at school would know that it was that child’s parent which then singles the child out.

witchygirl · 2 weeks ago

I think that parents should be allowed to come because people who find sport harder might need someone whom they know to cheer them on and give them confidence.

xx_tan_xx · 2 weeks ago

I think it is fair because if only a few parents got banned their children would be upset to see others parents but no their own on sports day.

articwolfy · 2 weeks ago

No, its not right to ban them as they want to encourage their child to do their best. It is also comforting so they know someone is cheering them on so they have belief they can win. Its a bit overwhelming but they know someone is their for them.

tdmforever · 2 weeks ago

It’s unfair because the parents just stand while you’re having fun

mufcisfab · 2 weeks ago

They should get their behaviour correct next time

patimus · 2 weeks ago

Personally, I think that the school shouldn't ban the parents as children might get upset if they have no one to cheer them on.

rbs13 · 2 weeks ago

I think that it is unfair to ban all the parents from sports day because only a few behaved badly. Most of the parents would have wanted to come and support all the children and encourage them. I think the school should ban only the parents that were rude

emeve · 2 weeks ago

It's unfair and it's actually against Geneva Convention for human rights to do collective punishment.

cotton77 · 2 weeks ago

It is unfair as the parents like to watch the pupils in the races and it would be quite sad if they weren't allowed to see them participate.

jesusrules · 2 weeks ago

they should have a zero tolerance rule and that if they are behaving badly the teachers should individually ban them forever.

kuhuzoo9 · 1 week ago

It’s unfair to ban all parents from sports day. They should just ban those who were being rude.

camerong · 1 week ago

As only a few parents have misbehaved, i think it's unfair that ALL parents have to be banned; the parents that have been sensible should be allowed to go.

lfcrules · 1 week ago

It’s unfair because some parents haven’t done anything and they’re still getting punished. Why can’t they ban only the parents that behave badly?

izzylottie · 1 week ago

It's so unfair!

heh · 1 week ago

Why do you have to ban parents anyway? They have a right to watch their kids have fun! They should be able to have fun with their kids, and if they do anything that is 'not to your liking' then that's something you have to sort out between yourselves. Some parents rarely get a chance to see their kids play, so you should let them.

catonclan · 7 days ago

I agree with banning some parents from sport day for being plain rude and rather pushy. However this does not mean that those parents who are not behaving badly should suffer from those parents behaviour.