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GREAT BRITISH COOK OFF: Would you like more cookery lessons in school?


22nd July 2019

GREAT British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain believes that schools should have more cookery lessons.

The star chef says that cooking could boost young people’s mental health and help combat the nation’s weight issues, as obesity is a growing problem in the UK.

Not only will cooking lessons positively educate schoolchildren on the balance and joy of food, but they will also make you feel good, Nadiya says. “Cooking is about celebration, about love,” she said.

Nadiya also believes that “learning how to put a rainbow on your plate” will make sure you have a balanced diet and eat well. What do you think?

Would you like more cookery lessons in school?


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ninjakiwi · 3 months ago

First To Comment!

ninjakiwi · 3 months ago

i already get 100 minetes every week.

ninjakiwi · 3 months ago

Minutes even.

man2009 · 3 months ago

Totally! I would LOVE to have cooking lessons at school.?

88unicorn · 3 months ago

I think we should get more (especially in primary school) because it gives us skills and you might never know you would want to be a baker or cook.

sx-101899 · 3 months ago

I don't have cookery lessons in my school.

hector7 · 3 months ago

At our school we cannot have cooking lessons because there is no spare room because we’re not allowed by the government to make big changes in the school because it is a Georgian Grade II building.

ilikenuts · 3 months ago

I really love cooking, especialy the eating part. I always help my mum cook!

puppy2143 · 3 months ago

I love cooking so would love to learn more of it at school

asbml · 3 months ago

I would love to but there isn't a good chance of me having cooking lesson. We do have them like once a term though. ?????

molly67 · 3 months ago

Absolutly ! Cooking and baking are the passions of my life! That might sound cheesy , but it is true!

oceangirl · 3 months ago

At my old primary school, we did loads of maths and English lessons but we didn’t do any cooking as part of the curriculum. They’re was a after school cooking club, but in primary schools there’s just not enough cooking lessons going on for everyone not just the people who want to do it

pandaworld · 3 months ago

Of course, I would love it! I really like cooking! (Though I hardly get a chance to do it) :(

unicornca · 3 months ago

If I had more cooking classes then that means less other lessons

ameliau · 2 months ago

Of course i do

rights123 · 2 months ago

Yes I love cooking but I never get to do it in my school. #lovecooking

lol123 · 2 months ago

Well I’m still in primary school but I usually only have like one cookery a year. I definitely want more cookery lessons

aquagirl · 2 months ago

Yes of course I ❤️ cooking

shreddeddo · 2 months ago

We get the choice to go to a cookery club at my school but it certainly would be hard for a vegan because the main things that they cook are cheese toasties, (boring), margherita pizzas, ( delicious, but boring). Also, most schools might say that they cater for vegans and vegetarians (the healthier diet styles) but actually don't. So schools would have to improve their catering services if the children will have 'a balanced diet and eat well'. More cookery lessons and cookery clubs would be good to teach the students about an actuall healthy diet.

12ah · 2 months ago

Definitely! Cooking 🍳 is a life skill and everyone needs to know how to do it.

mollyboo8 · 2 months ago

I would because me and my dad sometimes bake at home so I would like to do it in school because we don't do it there.

emily2009 · 2 months ago

In school we don’t do cookery lessons

catfan123 · 2 months ago

I don’t have any, apart from in my younger years

heh · 2 months ago

I'd definitely say yes, especially in primary schools. We used to have a cooking day, once a year, at our school, but for some reason, they stopped. I would really like to do cooking at our schoolagain!

if you agree!!!

lovemarvel · 1 month ago

In primary school I never had cooking lessons but since I came to secondary school I've been having 1 each week and plan to take it for GCSE!

mutley1234 · 3 weeks ago

I have never had a cooking lesson in school and would love some!

lottielove · 1 week ago

Yes, I LOVE baking and cooking but at Primary School we only do it like once or twice a year! ):