The First News Junior General Election – The Result!


The General Election is on Thursday 8 June – see the result of the Election here – and you have to be 18 to vote. But, although you don’t get a vote, it’s important that you do get a voice! That’s why we created the First News Junior General Election, which has seen thousands of you have your say about the issues that matter to you. Now, all your votes have been counted, your views have been heard and this is what you said…

The result!

More than 2,200 under-15s took part in our poll, which closed at 9am on Monday. 94% of the votes were split between four parties – the Labour Party (32%) lead the way, with the Conservatives (27%) close behind, followed by the Liberal Democrats (20%) and Green Party (15%).

How MPs are picked

There are 650 MPs in Parliament. If these percentages were simply turned into MPs, Labour would have 208 MPs, the Conservatives would have 176 MPs, the Lib Dems would have 130 MPs and the Green Party would have 98 MPs. That means no party would have enough MPs (more than half) to form a strong government on their own and would need to go into a coalition with another party.

In the real election, a different system is used, with candidates being elected as MPs in their own constituency if they get the most votes in their area. The actual national percentage of votes for a party isn’t how MP numbers are decided, though some think it should be.

The issues that matter to you

When you voted, you let us know what the burning issues were, with Brexit getting by far the most votes. Check out the chart below to see what the UK’s children think are the biggest issues for our new government to wrestle with.

Most important issues
Did the result go the way you wanted it to? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

And talking of comments, you left LOADS of them when you voted. Whether it was about Brexit, schools or the environment, you had a lot to say!

Click below to read all of the comments and see if you agree with your fellow voters.

“There are a lot of people who are employed but can’t get a house. Reasons for this include population density in an area and the cost of available houses. We need to stop this problem and get people off the streets.”

“I want affordable houses because sometimes I see people on the streets begging for money.”

“Everyone deserves the right to a stable, comfortable home.”

“When I go shopping I always see a homeless man on the street begging for money and only covered in a blanket. I want that to stop. I always imagine me in their shoes.”

“It is important because everybody shold have the right to live in an affordable home.”

“I want to be sure that I can get a house when I’m older so I had to choose Conservative.”

“Many people are being homeless and the refugees that are coming adds to it.”

“They’re becoming unaffordable, and could lead to masses of people who could attend university not going because of the debts they come out with.”

“So people who don’t have much money can still have a nice house and not being homeless.”

“If no one can afford a home they’ll have to rent and then they can’t keep the house forever.”

“So that poor people have houses.”

“We need a house!”

“I hate hearing about people who are so horrid that they can be happy to kill animals for pleasure and money. If I was ever PM of this country, my first act would be to tighten up animal cruelty laws.”

“Animals are living creatures and there are more animals in the world than there are humans.”

“Animals should be treated fairly like we are treated. They deserve our rights such as a great habitat, food and medication.”

“I think animals have the right to be free.”

“They are living things. They have a life to live and they should live it happy.”

“Hunters are the worst when they kill elephants and take their tusks. If you read First News, it says giraffes are nearly extinct.”

“We need animals and they need us.”

“Animals are living, just like us, and I don’t see why they shouldn’t have the same rights as us.”

“I think animals should be treated well, not being forced to live in bad conditions.”

“It is important for animals to be happy, healthy and not extinct or close to extinction. They are animals with life and so are we. We need to value and protect them. I am also concerned about mental health and environment.”

“It is important me because I have had over 20 pets and we have loved and cared for all of them, and I think cruelty to animals is just horrible. They should be treated equally to humans.”

“They are living and deserve respect. I like animals. It’s bad to kill animals.”

“The Tories show contempt in bringing back Fox Hunting, which Labour rightfully banned with the Hunting Act 2004. This is unacceptable. I have chosen Labour for more reasons but I could only pick one. Like the Ј10 an hour living wage, more affordable housing, tax breaks for the poor and not the rich and equality for all.”

“I think animals save the world.”

“Wild animals are becoming more and more endangered.”

“I have a lot of pets and it is sad when you hear about how people mistreat animals.”

“I love animals and no animal deserves to be mistreated just as much as humans don’t!”

“I love animals and I hate to see them being treated badly because they have a mind of their own and they are living creatures.”

“Lots of animals get abandoned and treated cruelly every day. I want to help them.”

“There are only a few tigers left in the wild. And we can not have our elephants being killed or living in zoos. I mean, it is nice to look at them but they need to be let out into the wild!! This is NOT ACCEPTABLE !!!!”

“Animals mean an awful lot to me. They’ve shaped who I am. I think that the Green Party will improve this area of England, as well as hopefully improving the dilemma on pollution. We CAN be a green Britain. The world is beautiful and we need that in England.”

“I am an animal lover and I hate to see animals being mistreated.”

“Animals have the right to be happy too. And have a good life.”

“Animals are becoming extinct so rapidly and the more humans take over the world, the quicker animals will die out. We must save them when we can. It is not right for animals to have to face cruelty and slavery but sadly humans are forcing them to, so the government will have to take action.”

“I really like animals and believe they should all be protected and loved, and that we should not test on animals or eat animal products.”

“This is important to me because I think that people treat animals cruelly and we are taking over lots of their habitats.”

“Animals are important to me as, if we didn’t have them, we/some of us wouldn’t be happy.”

“I like animals and I’m concerned about the number of animals that are on the endangered list. I strongly disagree with fox hunting.”

“To stop animal cruelty is important to me because people should not be cruel to animals because animals should be treated properly and animals are very important in the world.”

“Animals deserve more rights than what they have. They feel things just like we do.”

“The welfare of animals is very important to me and the Government should address this issue as this is very important.”

“I can’t think about animals being treated so bad.”

“You should be kind to animals and not be cruel to them. They are living things as well.”

“Animal cruelty is a big problem. We need to stop it!”

“I want animals to have more freedom. I hate hunting. Less litter and fly tipping. I think the Green Party will improve all of this.”

“In our house we love animals and we hate to see them get hurt!!!!”

“Animals are not for hurting. They’re to be your friend.”

“I have two dogs of my own and I hate watching/seeing animals that have been neglected.”

“It is important because animals have a life too and they need to live it happily and healthily. Also, animals might become extinct because they are not treated the right way and they die at a young age.”

“I love horses and cats and dogs etc. and to see them get hurt is heart breaking especially when i have my own horse, dog and cat.”

“Animals being safe is really important because I don`t want them getting hurt and I have two cats and one kitten and I love them to bits, so I don`t want any animals getting hurt.”

“We should not have animal cruelty because it is not fair to animals. What would you do if you were getting hit every day?”

“Animals mean something to our environment and without them the country will suffer and it is cruel.”

“I like dogs and cats and cows and hedgehogs and pigs and lions and cheetahs and leopards and jaguar.”

“I have always loved having the opportunity of freedom of movement and also most of my friends and family have a connection to Europe.”

“I don’t think we should still be giving money to the European Union now we are in the process of triggering Article 50. ”

“I like travelling to other countries that are in the EU. I like speaking French and German. I think it is important to work closely with the other EU countries. We have been part of the Community for over 40 years. It will be a shame to leave it now.”

“Brexit is our future. Therefore, I believe the Conservative Party – under the guidance of trustworthy Theresa May – is the party to guide us to a better country during the negotiations.”

“It is our future that is being tampered with and First News polls show that 71% of children didn’t want Brexit to happen, a clear majority.”

“If we don’t have a strong leader we are never going to get it done.”

“I wanted to leave the EU so that we could control immigration and create our own laws away from the EU’s regulations.”

“When we leave the European Union the pound’s value will decrease even more than it already has and, therefore, most of the items that we buy from foreign countries will increase in cost.”

“Europe is a sinking ship.”

“It is a decision make by the British electorate and the Government has the responsibility to deliver on this.”

“We were doing just fine in the EU. Ever since the Article 50 has been activated, CHOCOLATE PRICES HAVE GONE HIGHHEERRR!!!!!”

“We need to stop the EU from controlling us, and preserving Europe and its individual countries’ cultures, not create one super state under the influence of the EU.”

“It’s my generation that is going to be affected by leaving the EU so I want it to be handled with care. It needs to be thought about which people will actually be influenced by the actions taken.”

“I say that by triggering Brexit, we’ve isolated ourselves from the rest of the EU. This could affect things like refugees and terrorism, which is why I vote Liberal Democrats. They’ve promised to help us through Brexit.”

“I want to stay with other countries so everybody can be stronger together.”

“This will affect our futures and I want it to be passed through the right way.”

“It will affect my life and I want a strong, stable BREXIT.”

“This is important to me because this is a big change for us and I need someone who will be strong and make the best deal. Also, I don’t want us to lose ties with the EU. I am also concerned about our relationship with other countries.”

“When I am older, I might want to go and work in a different country and I will not be able to.”

“Brexit is important to me because it is the future of Britain and, in order to stay sustainable in the ecomany and financially, and in order to grow in business and to grow as a nation, we still need to stay in the single market once we leave the European Union. So that we can trade goods and that students from abroad can come and our students here can go over to different countries to study as well. I believe that we should have another second referendum to allow our nation to understand and think again whether it is a good idea to leave the European Union for it is a big step for the UK.”

“I wanted to remain a member of the EU and the Liberal Democrats are a Pro-EU political party.”

“The UK would be much better off without the EU.”

“The European Parliament in Belgium should not have control over us.”

“Being in Europe helps tackle all the other issues; EU rules and regulations help control climate change, defense, job chances and pretty much every thing else.”

“I voted Conservative because we need a sensible leader to make the difficult decisions that Brexit will bring.”

“I believe Theresa May is the best woman to get us through Brexit.”

“I strongly believe that a second EU referendum is needed, as people are starting to learn the impacts it may have on us if we leave the EU. I also believe that leaving the single market was a wrong move, and believe we and EU citizens should be able to move around countries freely.”

“I think we need to get a good deal when we leave the EU so that our future is secure.”

“If it’s us who are affected by issues like Brexit, why couldn’t we have had a say on what actually happened?”

“Brexit is important to me because we are much stronger when we are linked together with the other countries in the European Union.”

“Young people overwhelmingly voted Remain, and our futures have been stolen from us by older generations. Brexit means everyone (except from the ultra rich) will be poorer, there will be fewer jobs, prices will rise, holidays will become more expensive, our right to live, work, travel and study anywhere in the EU will be taken away, and Britain will become a more inward-looking and less tolerant place. I would vote Lib Dem as they are the only party opposed to Brexit.”

“Brexit is a unique situation that will affect my generation for years to come. It changed who I voted for completely. Theresa May’s hard Brexit vision will ruin the UK. A soft Brexit, and accepting immigration is the only way that we can make the best out of a bad situation. We need immigration because it boosts demographic diversity and furthers social mobility. We need the single market for economic reasons. Brexit will effect my generation for years into the future. It will define my generation’s job opportunities and our general futures.”

“I think Brexit is important in a bad way. The bad thing is that if we are not in the EU we will find it harder to cope, eg, If we are in war, the EU won’t help us. I would, though, like to see what happens if we do leave so that will also be very interesting. Maybe it will be good. Will it affect me and what will happen? I really want to see what happens!”

“I want to be part of Europe when I grow up.”

“Brexit is important to me because I feel that the referendum was too close to decide what Britain really wants. The younger people are the ones that will be affected the most in our future lives, and we were not allowed to have a say. Older adults will be less affected, as we have seen how long it has taken to even start negotiating a deal, and obviously there is a lot more to decide before we even leave. Leaving the EU will affect which universities we go to and what jobs we can have. It will also have effects on many industries including businesses, trading and tourism in the UK.”

“It is very important that we have control over our country – over taxes, money and how we would like to spend it. Leaving the EU may also benefit our NHS. Also… we may have a better shot at the Eurovision song contest.”

“I want the leaving of the EU to be done properly and for a good party to lead us through it in deciding what to do about it or even whether to go through with it in the first place. I think none of the parties are any good, and that both Corbyn and May are absolutely off their rockers, but I know the Conservatives will win anyway because if Theresa May thought she wasn’t going to win, she wouldn’t have called it in the first place.”

“We have already made the decision to leave so we need to just do it.”

“Brexit will affect many other important issues like relationships with other countries and immigration and housing and jobs for people in the future. Lots of young people i know are worried about their future.”

“I voted for the Liberal Democrats because they believe Brexit is a terrible idea (and so do I) so would probably try and change the way politicians are handling it!”

“Brexit is important to me politically because it affects my mother and father as they require visas.”

“This is important to me as I feel even though you have to be over 18 to vote we should still get a say in what we feel and believe. I feel that we should rethink our decision of Brexit as this is a major decision and will affect our country for years. Therefore we should tell people the consequences of leaving the EU and have a second vote.”

“I will lose all my rights as an EU citizen, and I believe that staying in the single market is key for the UK’ s economy.”

“I want a stable future, and by triggering article 50 we are being cut off from the single market and provision that the EU has given us. Brexit has also provoked a lot of hate crimes and some people (a minority) now think that it is acceptable to be racist and discriminate against different ethics, but that is totally NOT acceptable and very cowardly.”

“May is a god.”

“I don’t like the fuss the government are making with Brexit; they should just get it over and done with. I don’t know why they want to do another vote because they’ve already had one and the people voted to leave. Why don’t they just do it?”

“Brexit seems really stressful and I feel Theresa May became Prime Minister at the wrong time.”

“I think it is important that we stay together alongside other countries like us and make deals and arrangements that will help our country. This may mean we have to follow a few rules and laws but I think if there wasn’t a big issue before, why make one now. I hope we can vote again in a second referendum and choose to remain in the EU as the results were so close.”

“I wanted Britain to remain. The things that concern me about Brexit the most is that it’s much harder to travel somewhere to live and work. I’m also worried about the environment and about protecting wildlife and their habitats because I don’t want more animals to become extinct.”

“Brexit is important to me because it is changing the way our country can secure its trade benefits with countries in the European Union.”

“Brexit is important to me because I believe we should remain in Europe. I think we should have a soft Brexit, if we have to leave. We should remain because 1. Some people might be scared of leaving and it might affect their mental health. 2. Some of my friends come from other countries and they might have to be sent home. 3. When we go on holiday the euros will cost more than the pounds. 4. Our aim is to be a healthy country but when fruit becomes more expensive it will be harder.”

“We take back control of our country.”

“Kick out the illegal immigrants and take back control of our borders.”

“I want a good party and a good PM to lead us as we leave Brexit. And Conservatives are always easy to trust and they help us to become an independent and respected country. Theresa May has done well taking David Cameron’s place as prime minister. She will be great leading us out of Brexit, and that’s what I want. A good leader to lead us out of Brexit.”

“If we leave the EU there will not be as much trading and we won’t be able to enter Euro countries without a passport.”

“The EU laws I think are important may not be replaced.”

“It depends on our future and how we will live, or how we will survive, and if we get good jobs – also about immigration.”

“What’s really annoying is that adults often underestimate children saying that their views are not valuable, educated or reasonable and that we wouldn’t know how it will/would affect us. We do have opinions, and who are the best people to tell you about schools – us of course – we attend them. All we want is to be heard and not shoved aside because we ‘wouldn’t have a clue what we’re talking about’. We do have a clue. And we want everyone to know about it.”

“Our voices are heard in the First News website, not boxed up.”

“They keep me, my family and others around me safe and happy. Those who intend to attack and ruin the country I, and many others are proud of, are disgraceful. We are a country which is open to beliefs and races and there is no reason for anybody to tear it up.”

“I don’t want any people to be affected by crime.”

“This is important to me because no human being deserves to be killed even if they have done something really bad. Even though they have done something really bad, that should not cost them their life and their families. You might think about giving the person who has done wrong to you a revenge, but killing them is just not right. Every human has a right to live.if someone decides on killing/murdering a person they should think again. That person should imagine what it would be like for them to be killed, it is not a nice feeling at all. Although some people think that is right, it is not the way life works.You don’t just decide to kill someone without them doing something REALLY, REALLY bad to you.”

“I would like to grow up in a safe environment.”

“There have been some big crimes reported on the news lately and I want to be safe.”

“My dad got mugged one day, like two years ago, and his finger still really hurts to this day. I don’t want that to happen to me. I also HATE terrorism, I don’t feel safe going to bed each night because of it.”

“If we didn’t have the NHS, it would be privatised which means that we would have to pay to have doctors and nurses every time we go to the hospital.”

“Your doctor, your teacher and your police officer are just a few of the amazing working people the Conservatives are cutting over and over again, yet forcing to work harder. We care for these people, SO WE WILL VOTE FOR THEM!!!”

“This is important to me as all of my family have/are working in the NHS. My dad is a consultant and, every day each week, he is working 12 hours a day. The NHS is falling into pieces.”

“The NHS is fundamental to the success of the country, and it is having a very hard time.”

“Keeping places like the NHS free is really important because lots of people are in need of medical attention and cannot afford to pay for it. ”

“If you don’t have a good enough health service then people would have to wait longer to get the medicine that they need and perhaps they would get other things as a consequence of having to wait.”

“The NHS needs more money so that people are treated as well as possible and staff are not overworked.”

“Seeing a doctor when I or my family is ill is getting difficult. I was on a ventilator for the whole of Christmas because my doctor had no space to see me when I couldn’t breathe. The hospital was busy but saved my life. I don’t want this to happen to me or any other child again. I want to make sure that the government invest in this.”

“We all need it through our entire lives.”

“It is important to me because i think everybody should be allowed to have good health and stay fit.”

“I was very ill as a child, so making sure people can get the treatment they need is important to me.”

“Lots of people die of bad health.”

“I believe that any other issues cannot be solved without the NHS and it makes a big impact on our lives. And since the Labour Party created the NHS and promised to stop the cuts that the Conservative government made, they are the best choice for me.”

“If you need a health appointment the NHS would help you because Labour would increase support. Labour would give them enough money for equipment that they need.”

“It’s important that everyone gets the same chance to be treated well without favouritism.”

“Health is the most important thing in life!”

“This is important because my Grandfather died of cancer so I want to help people that are suffering with it or worse and to keep healthy teeth and all sorts!”

“My mum works in the NHS and there is not enough support from the government going into hospitals.”

“I used to live in America and had to pay for healthcare there. So the NHS is very good here.”

“The NHS is the cornerstone of British life.”

“I feel as though we should up the wages for NHS doctors because, let’s face it, who wants to be working on a weekend? I think we should raise the wages so more people are interested in becoming an NHS doctor. I also feel as though we should try to open more small clinics because, sometimes, if I feel sick, my mum will try to book an appointment but I will have to wait three weeks. By then, I feel better.”

“I know that our NHS system is very good and Jeremy Corbyn says he will keep it that way and look after it.”

“My mum and dad are doctors and they work so hard but their hospital doesn’t have enough money so I thinks it’s important Jeremy Hunt goes.”

“NHS is very important for all of us get timely healthcare.”

“Health is important to me as it affects the whole United Kingdom.”

“Everyone should get the NHS for free and that the environment can be good. Also, that animals are safe and people stop killing and hurting animals.”

“There isn’t enough money to fund the NHS, then lots of people suffer and die.”

“It is important because if you need medical help, you expect to get medical help.”

“My mum and dad are doctors for the NHS and they are finding it really stressful at work at the moment.”

“We are creating a generation of uninformed Conservative haters who believe everything they hear. For instance, yesterday, I heard someone say that they read that Theresa May said she will shut down the NHS. When I heard this, I asked him where did he read it and he said Snapchat. Is that honestly considered a credible source of news these days?”

“Conservatives aren’t giving enough money to the NHS and we need a party that supports the NHS.”

“If you look at the NHS, the waiting times for patients is abominable. Liberal Democrats and Labour are both funding the NHS but the Lib Dems have the slight edge as they are going to tackle climate change but Labour isn’t. That’s my point.”

“It is important because the NHS is in crisis and hospitals need 75,000 more doctors and nurses to keep the NHS in high standards.”

“Some people are poorly and need hospitals. They can use the money to buy equipment to help them.”

“Save lives and reduce cancer.”

“I don’t want a war. I want peace.”

“I think that Donald Trump will break up some countries’ relationships with America.”

“I’d like to help children from deprived backgrounds.”

“Animals live in packs for a reason, and humans have evolved to stay in familes so why shouldnt that apply to international realations too?”

“I don’t want people poor and unhealthy.”

“I feel that Donald Trump has really annoyed the North Koreans, Chinese, Russians and Syrians. Unless we want there to be another world war, Britain needs to make sure that these relations don’t go out of hand.”

“I think this is inportant because some people do not have the opportunity to have a fortune and education. When it comes to charity adverts evryone thinks ‘poor people they cant look after themselves’ when they are just not geting enough education.”

“The Donald worries me as I think he is dangerous.”

“I don’t think that we provide enough aid to countries in need of food and water, eg, Syria. I think a Conservative government will do just that.”

“I think that international relations are important to me because if we have good relations we can arrange better deals and sharing of information, intelligence and innovation with other countries everywhere. This can lead to improvements in health, schools and defence.”

“Sometimes bad relationships can start wars.”

“I feel that there are many people who have anything and everything yet there are people living in poverty that need our help.”

“it is important to increase job chances because not having a job could lead into debt and homelessness.”

“My dad is unemployed.”

“I am scared about not getting a job. Also I don’t want to be left to pay for things such as health.”

“If you don’t have a job you won’t have any experience of working either in an office or outdoors and you won’t have a lot of money so you can’t pay taxes, insurance, house, safety, clothes, food or fresh, clean water.”

“I think it would be fair that everyone gets money depending on how hard they work, not how intelligent on the subject they are.”

“I am worried that people would not get the chances of what job they would like.”

“In the future no one will have the experience to work in certain jobs.”

“Famous people get more money than doctors, hospitals, etc. I don’t think this is right because famous people entertain and doctors, hospitals etc. save and help lives.”

“I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get a good education, and a job, and I personally very much want to go to university, and be successful in the field I choose to work in. Everyone should have a chance to secure a job that they enjoy doing, that provides enough income to support them and their families and, if university is made even more expensive, then fewer and fewer people will want to further their education and they won’t be able to achieve their goals.”

“There are many homeless people in the country just because there aren’t any jobs available. It’s not fair! There are people who have everything required such as a degree, and they end up homeless just because there aren’t any jobs available. Also, managers are usually very strict on people, if they have a criminal record, BOOM, they have no jobs to go to. That is just a person looking to redeem themselves by helping society. I do see a point in not hiring them because they have broken the law before, but at LEAST put a system or something up for them!”

“People just like us are suffering every day and we aren’t doing nearly enough.”

“It is important that we get it sorted because it can change kids lives to get help to make them better. ”

“Mental health is important to me because I think more needs to be done to help the people who have, basically, lost their old self and become someone they are not. It is great that the ‘Heads Together’ charity has been created and I hope that mental illnesses will be discussed more over the UK.”

“Mental health can be very stressful for people who have a mental health problem. If it is ignored, how are we supposed to sort it and give people with a mental health problem help?”

“There are so many misunderstood people out there who want to be who they are but can’t because their mental health keeps them separate and mistreated.”

“I don’t want to have to live in fear. I want terrorism to be controlled so that my children don’t have to live in fear. We miss opportunities due to terrorism such as going on holidays abroad!”

“There have been many terrorism acts around Europe. One of them has happened near me. If National Security is acting we will have low chances of threats and deaths.”

“We cannot have a country where we live in fear of other religions and races. DO NOT GET RID OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS we will have no chance against North Korea, Russia or anyone if we do not have a weapon capable of deterring possible threats!”

“Increased military power is more important than ranting about equality when the rich work hard and the poor don’t. It matters that people work as hard as they can and that you can’t claim benefits if you have not done A levels.”

“I don’t want a war in England.”

“If Donald Trump or North Korea activates, it might destroy the world and the human race.”

“Main big cites have been attacked by ISIS. Luckily, London has only been attacked once but I think they will attack again in London, Manchester or other cities, eg, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool.”

“If they activated Nuclear Weapons it will destroy the world in three strikes.”

“It is happening a lot in the world and too many people are dying because of it. There should just be world peace.”

“I am worried about this because there are many attacks by ISIS and others terrorist groups. It really affects me, because I am a Muslim, when ISIS claim to be Muslims but they aren’t. It gives Islam a bad reputation and I don’t want people to criticise me by my religion, but my personality.”

“To make the country a better place we need to have a good defence. This will also help to stop terrorism.”

“I believe in a peaceful world not a war-worn one. If Isis is not stopped, then there will be a world crisis.”

“Before I go to sleep at night, I am always thinking about whether I will get caught up in an attack. I am especially afraid of going into London.”

“Defence is a major issue to me because there are many large problems around the subject of defence, military and terrorism. For instance, the use of drones may reduce the casualties of our soldiers, but drones are not able to distinguish the difference between innocent civilians and dangerous terrorists. Also, the fact that world leaders have multiple nuclear devices at their disposal is a sickening thought because these devastating weapons destroy settlements and also wildlife. ”

“This is important because, if the bad groups like ISIS start doing attacks on everyone, the world will become bad. The world was made for us to be happy. If we all stand up and show what we think, the groups will become weaker. If we heighten the security and stuff like that, we’ll show the groups that we care about our world and we will help it – no matter what!”

“It scares me a bit that it would happen to me.”

“I’ve done research about the terrorist attacks that have happened and it nearly drives me to tears that people like IS do what they do.”

“We need to stand up to terrorism.”

“I feel like we are a small country and we need to protect ourselves.”

“I HATE seeing people suffer or die for something that wasn’t their fault. Also, some terrorists kill or seriously injure the police. I think there should be more armed police officers to help save the unarmed police and the people. I do believe, though, this country are very good at stopping criminals.”

“We have so much, so it is important to help the refugees who don’t have nearly as much as we have. I would like to make the world a better place especially for the refugees and people who don’t have much money, water, food, education and health support.”

“When we are in England, we can think about our lives and how perfect they are. When people are suffering in Syria people here forget about them! We should do all we can to help them!”

“People deserve the right to clean water and a roof over their heads but some people fleeing their home countries are dying because of this. We, as a country, need to take in more refugees in this hard time.”

“I want the refugees to have as many opportunities as we do and be safe and welcome any country, whatever race or gender.”

“Although they are different, they deserve to be treated the same. Some of them don’t have enough money to do some things that we take for granted like having food and water, going to school, having a place to live and getting a job if they are older. They have fled places like Syria and Iraq to avoid the conflict happening over there. They don’t want to be here in the UK, they want to be at home where they came from. So, we need to do something about it. Instead of saying ‘send them back’ we need to welcome them in to the UK and help rebuild their houses. They deserve a chance as much as we do, so it’s time someone did something about it.”

“They live like animals not humans and all humans should live like humans.”

“I want everyone to be welcome in our country.”

“People are starving and risking their lives. They are being unwelcomed! THIS ENDS NOW.”

“Refugees are just less fortunate than us so they should be allowed to have a home, food, shelter and education.”

“I think it is important that everyone shares. It should be fair.”

“It isn’t their fault that they’ve been treated badly and not had the same chances that others have had.”

“I think that the war in Syria is causing trouble for the civilians of Syria. England cannot let in all the refugees so I am worried about the refugees with nowhere to go. Those refugees who are in other safe countries are in poverty and they need help to get things such as toothpaste, hairbrushes and the essentials. Refugees need proper housing, money, an education and some children need carers and doctors.”

“They are our fellow human beings and they should not be treated in the way that they are.”

“People live in war-torn countries (like Syria) around the world so a lot of them have to travel away from their homes in order to survive. Some people in our country want to restrict the flow of refugees from other countries while they happily let other people go on holiday in their country whenever they like. I think this is very unfair as the refugees are doing what is necessary to survive but people going on holiday do not even need to do what they are doing. Refugees gave up everything to come to our country, only to find that some people are unwelcoming. They are humans just like everyone else and we should welcome them all into our country regardless of where they come from.”

“I think the refugee crisis is most important because they need a place to stay where it is safe and, without them, there won’t be as many vital jobs being fulfilled.”

“These people need a home and, if we don’t even let them come into England, then we won’t be helping them in any way. It’s not their fault their country’s at war or they need to go from their country for some reason or another.”

“Refugees are being forced out of their homes and are having to escape. They have to make a new home in a brand new country. Many have lost family members or friends.”

“We all share the world and everyone should have a place they call home.”

“I want them to open the gates and let people in because then they can have homes and not be bombed in their country and not get stuck in wars. I wanted to vote for the Green Party too because I care about the world but Labour are doing that too. I wish Labour and Green Party would stick together and make one party”

“These people have a struggle to live so we should make it easier for them.”

“Everyone should have a safe place to call home. People tend to forget about the hardships refugees face. If you were in need of a home, would you want to be forgotten about because the people that could help cannot imagine being in the situation you are in? There are children in need of an education, people in need of medical attention and families in need of homes. Just because you are not there does not mean it isn’t happening!”

“If people carry on coming into our border then our country will get full which is not good for our country. Also, nobody should be forced to leave their home and go to another country as a refugee. You could miss your parents if you are too young.”

“To welcome more refugees into Scotland for our population and our NHS.”

“I am one and so are many of my friends.”

“This is important to me because I believe that everyone should have a home and be treated in the same way. People should not have to leave their homes to stay safe.”

“Everyone needs an education, and school children should have the opportunity to learn in small class sizes of similar abilities where everyone is heard and has chance to have a turn. School children should have access to sport on a daily basis and be able to participate in teams (and not just for a few selected children). I would like to be in a school where the building and furniture are up to date, modern and well looked after.”

“Schools are important as they educate future generations, so they can provide for themselves and undertake skilled jobs when old enough. All children deserve the best chances in life.”

“I have many years left at school and I want my school to stay the way it is!”

“Some schools don’t have the same chance of doing things that others can.”

“My parents are teachers and budget cuts mean having bigger classes and less staff.”

“One day I will need a job and I will like a good one so I can have a good life. I would like to have a wide variety of education opportunities.”

“Without an education, your chances are low to get the job/s you’ve always wanted. If children don’t go to school, they will not have much choice about jobs and may not be happy. The future cannot be based on unhappy people. Hospitals also matter to me and the environment but schools (to me) are the most important.”

“I think that schools aren’t getting the funding that they should and Theresa May has said things about making more grammar schools. This means that a select few get a better education because most other people are getting worse education.”

“Everyone needs a good education to live and have a good job.”

“I want the next generation (us) to be smarter than the previous. I also want the UK to have control over itself along with more being done for the health of the UK + climate change. I want to vote Conservative because I read that they want to give businesses more freedom (less restrictions). That stood out to me the most about the Conservatives.”

“I think Jeremy Corbyn is a strong leader and can help benefit the education system and the NHS.”

“Schools make the next generation brighter, and we depend on them to learn and grow.”

“I am at school and I would like there to be no cuts to schools so we can do all the things that we still want to do. They could also fund schools more, so they can afford better facilities.”

“I go to a school and they do not have very much money at the moment.”

“I am at primary school and in two years I will be going to secondary school. When I leave secondary school I want to have the opportunity to go to a good university and study more about a particular subject and then when I am ready, to get a good job which will benefit me and my family.”

“I want more schools because we could: learn more words, get neater handwriting and learn more maths, science, English and geography. ”

“I want the best possible schools to be able to learn lots.”

“I’m about to start secondary school and I want to have a good time at secondary school.”

“I really don’t want teachers to be cut from because they help you learn.”

“I think education is important for people, as if we didn’t learn we wouldn’t be able to converse with each other and make friends easily. School is a place not only to study, but to mix with other children of your age.”

“We need more support for schools so we get excellent education and can participate in more sporting activities.”

“Cutting school budgets is not good; this will be to the detriment of children’s learning.”

“I want everybody to have a chance to go to school and get a good job because if you don’t go to school you have a smaller chance of getting a good job.”

“So poor people can get better education for free.”

“Theresa May wants to stop free school lunches and start free school breakfasts (why…) so i’m voting for Labour tactically so that May dosn’t get in.”

“We shouldn’t be taking money away, we should be giving more money to schools. I go to a state school in London and the cuts may mean we lose some extra curricular activities.”

“Education is important to me because, if we weren’t educated, nobody would have a job. People like doctors, police and firemen would not be here and they are vital to our safety and healthcare. School may not be the most fun of places, but in the future it is key to our life. It gives us university places, that give us a job, that keeps the world going. Education is very important.”

“I am at school and I want to make sure I get the best education that I can.”

“Too much pressure is put on children in schools with high expectations. Our school is struggling under government budget cuts. Tories (Conservatives) will stop hot school meals.”

“I go to school and, since we are the next generation of kids, this election will affect us the most.”

“I think children need education, to get a good job and try to get a happy life. Strong education can change children’s lives.”

“The world has a lot of history to it and we could just waste it by being careless. Also, it is currently affecting many places and animals. Plus raising water levels by melting icebergs is causing natural disasters.”

“I support the environment and animals deserve to be treated fairly because no humans get chained up.”

“We need to save the world from pollution but people just don’t get it. They just think it’s a joke!”

“If we do not look after our planet, then it does not matter what happens in the politics side of things, because us and all the living things around us will be dead.”

“We need to save our planet so people don’t die of climate related problems.”

“I want to be able to go outside and have real fresh air, not polluted air from diesel fumes.”

“Pollution is an important and pressing issue because, if we can’t save the environment now, then what will there be for future generations? ”

“Humans could be losing a planet to live on.”

“We are learning about this at school and it has come to my attention that population levels are rising continually, which means that the world is becoming even more polluted and at the moment we are not doing enough about it.”

“Without looking after our planet, everything else is irrelevant.”

“With Donald Trump as president, we need someone else’s help with our pollution fumes!”

“I want to stay with fresh air to get closer to the best way of living. We need our voices heard more than ever.”

“I do not want animals to become extinct and bees are endangered. I would like the government to protect animals.”

“It is affecting the world around us and is a serious issue that shouldn’t be brushed aside. The air is becoming toxic and not-breathable.”

“It is important because our planet will be so heavily polluted, that we will find it very challenging to survive because of pollution and climate change.”

“The environment is important to me because if we look after the environment the animals will have better habitats and they will not be extinct so quickly.”

“People and animals in the world are suffering from this.”

“Our generation, my generation and generations after me will not live enjoyable lives because the older generations would have left us with the mess of the world they made, so I think the environment is the most important issue right now, because we can’t live without it.”

“I agree with keeping green spaces by limiting housing developments. An important issue for me and why I am voting for UKIP is they said they would cut immigration (people entering the country). I think that now we are leaving the EU anyway, make use of it and concentrate on reducing immigrants.”

“We are losing the world’s animals and using up all the resources. People are being careless.”

“So humans and animals are not affected by climate change. Here is one reason – Polar Bears like sitting on ice so, if the pole gets hotter, it will melt, and the polar bears would die. We, too, would also get too hot. Also, if we reduce, fossil fuels then we won’t run out of oil and coal and things we CAN’T renew. So that is why I am voting for the Green Party.”

“The environment is our world, our seas, our trees, our rivers and much more.”

“It is killing many animals and people.”

“I want the Green Party to win as they truly are making the environment better.”

“Global warming is happening and it needs to stop. The Green Party are going to help.”

“Saving our environment has always been a big deal to me. The state of our oceans and the denial of climate change infuriates me, but there is little I can do. The Green Party promises to change this, helping future generations lead a healthy life.”

“It is important to me because I want to make sure the world is a healthy place and that everyone lives in the best condition.”

“This is important to me because due to global warming many terrible things are happening. Also, air pollution is killing lots of people.”

“It’s important because it’s killing lots of innocent animals, and causing green house gases, and making our air harder to breathe.”

“I’m concerned about the health of animals and humans and we need to look after our planet because it’s getting very polluted.”

“This is important to me as, in 60 years, the world could be a rubbish dump. Lots of businesses aren’t doing very much. Coca Cola need to change their plastic bottles to something else, there needs to be a fine on littering, Donald Trump needs to know that global warming isn’t a hoax, the government need to make selling diesel cars illegal. They should fine businesses millions and millions of pounds that aren’t doing anything to help stop global warming. The lives of many are at risk. No one realises in 50 years, if global warming doesn’t stop, global warming will be the biggest killer in the world. Hospitals will be packed. If a crisis like this happens, it could be the end. Children may never be able to see an island which hasn’t turned into factory and they may only have one park in their area. The government needs to do something about it but at the moment it is getting worse. This is why pollution is my biggest worry.”

“Our future generations wouldn’t get a good life if the environment wasn’t good in their time.”

“If this isn’t fixed then lots of species will become extinct and this will be bad and make me feel sad.”

“This is important to me because I have asthma and, at the moment, walking by a main road is like smoking!”

“The environment is extremely important to me because it is getting worse in this particular country and we could possibly help other countries face this terrible problem.”

“I want someone who believes fully in climate change and will do something to repair it.”

“It is important to me because we are damaging the world we live in by polluting it. The environment is a very important issue although nothing is being done. Animals, plants and corals are suffering terribly because we are not looking after the world we live in. Labour has promised to help the environment and other important issues so they get my vote.”

“This is important to me because if all animals die what is the point in zoos? Also why do people cut down trees? It stops oxygen in our world. Global warming is the main problem because it kills animals and trees and melts the Arctic so more floods happen!”

“This is important to me because it affects the whole world and could end it, and I think that we should be doing more about it.”

“I find this important because a lot of animals are becoming extinct because of us not being environmentally friendly.”

“I think it’s our responsibility as humans to clean up the wonderful world we’re ruining. We have a limited amount of fossil fuels, space and water. The poles are melting, sea levels are rising and animals are dying. We need to fix this. If we continue to spoil our earth, we’ll have dug ourselves a hole too deep to dig ourselves out of. The faster we act, the shallower the hole (metaphorically speaking) will be to dig ourselves out of. We can’t reverse the mistakes of the past, but we can fix them. This is why I feel so passionate about the enviroment.”

“It is important to me because pollution is killing people by the second. It needs to stop.”

“The environment is my biggest concern because, if pollution continues, we will get more extreme weather and floods.”

“The Earth is changing dramatically, and not in a good way. All the environmental problems have been caused by us, and now it’s up to is to put it right. I am strongly against leaving climate change to itself because it is not going to get any better unless we do something. This is exactly what the Green Party want to do, so I naturally voted for them.”

“I’m quite concerned about the ice-packs melting, and the Rainforest being cut down. I care about the Rainforest and the animals that live there because, without the rainforest, there will be more greenhouse gasses that will contribute to global warming and melting the ice-packs melting. ”

“I am worried that some species of animals are going to get extinct and never be seen again. So I think that it is important that the Green Party win the election and that they/he/her will make a great effect on the world and its amazing nature. By voting for them they could stop any animals or plants or anything close to extinction from not being seen again.”

“I could choose millions of topics but I believe the world NEEDS environmental help and the wonderful animals NEED to be kept safe. For example: If all the trees were chopped down then we would have no air. If all the animals were gone, then who knows what the earth would be like!”

“Climate change is coming quickly and I believe we need to do everything we can to save our planet.”

“I want to be a marine biologist and I don’t want to pollute the sea and kill the environment for creatures that have been on our planet way longer than even the oldest person. They really have more of a right to this planet than we do.”

“It is not being taken seriously enough, eg, Donald Trump believes it is not real. The world isn’t paying enough attention to it.”

“People deserve to live a life knowing they don’t have to worry about the environment and that the world is safe. You should be able to breathe clean, fresh air without worrying what you are breathing. A better environment would help people live happier, healthier lives.”

“There is only one Earth so we need to respect it.”

“One day we are going to destroy our planet if we carry on being so polluted.”

“We need to save our world and stop climate change.”

“I love animals and plants so I think it is important to keep everyone and everything safe.”

“If we don’t act soon many people (and animals) will face, and are already facing, hard times. Deserts will get drier, making it nearly impossible to find water and, as an alarming number of trees are being cut down, there will be way more Carbon Dioxide in our air. I want to keep our planet healthy and know that we have many more generations to live.”

“Our future depends on it.”

“I CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT SO WE CAN STOP GLOBAL WARNING SO WE CAN LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I want the planet to become a healthier place for everyone to live in.”

“This is important to me because there are a lot of endangered animals and species in the world and I personally want to help with that.”

“Some school children in London have made a pledge and the Greens, Labour and Lib Dems have all agreed to sign it because we need to protect our environment.”

“I want to make it accessible for the disabled (autism) and I love trains. I would like to see more investment into transport.”

“Pot holes damage your suspension on your car.”

“When I’m older i would like to get a place in Oxford University. I just don’t come from a wealthy family and I feel like that is a problem. I’ve heard it can cost anywhere up to Ј50,000 and this worries me if my only option would be a loan. I hope our country can focus on spending money on my generation’s education so we don’t end up redundant when we are older!!!!”

“This is important because, as children, we want the rights to be able to go to any university we want.”

“I want to go to university and I don’t want to pay loads and the Labour Party will make it free.”

“Everyone should get the chance and right to go to university if they really want to without paying fees or reduce the fee as many people can’t afford Them. Therefore, they won’t get the opportunity to go just because they can’t afford it which is unfair. Also, if universities accepted more applicants then there probably wouldn’t be the shortage of docters in many hospitals around the UK.”

“This is really important to me because at the age of 16 you should be allowed to speak your mind.”

“Children should be able to vote because it is our future.”

“I feel that younger people (at the age 16) are developing a strong view into a political aspect that they feel they want to share with the world and have their own opinion noticed.”

“I think 16 and 17-year-old people have the right to vote as they are nearly adults. Young people are concerned about things like this, as well as adults. Also, there should be something stopping climate change issues and, if Donald Trump won’t, we should.”

“The youth in the country are the ones who will really be affected by various things – climate change, Brexit, NHS, college, university and schools, job chances and, overall, the life of the country our parents, guardians and adults are moulding. This is us it is affecting.”

“I feel that young people should get to vote because important decisions in the country, such as Brexit, are often made by the older generations when the people who will have to live with the consequences don’t get a say.”

“I disagree because there are kids who don’t have a clue about politics.”

“This is important to me because I think that children should have some sort of vote, even if it doesen’t actually count in the real election. If children were allowed to vote then maybe things would be different, some parties stronger and better, some not as powerful as they are now.”

“I think that 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds are responsible enough and mature enough to be included in voting for things like general elections.”

“I think that before people can vote in actual elections and polls, they should have to take a general knowledge test.”

“We all have a choice and a voice and it doesn’t really matter because we should all be able to vote.”

“This is important to me because, when we get to the age of 16 and a next general election happens, we would be allowed to vote and, one of the rights I think is important, is that everyone has a right vote. That includes us CHILDREN. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THIS INTO CONSIDERATION.”

“I believe that everyone is the exact same, no matter if they love the same gender or not. We are all equal and we are all loved. Also, I believe that voting when you’re 16 or 17 is better then voting when you’re 18.”

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Leave a Reply · 5 years ago

I agree with all labour's policies, get people off the street is the main one for me, however, where will they find the money? Corbyn seems to think it grows on trees. the labour party would borrow leaving Britain in even more debt than before (wich will not help get a soft Brexit)

shpee · 5 years ago

Why did conservatives come second? They've had nothing but awful policies so far!

1isme · 5 years ago

I think that the Labour Party has a bright future. Most people between 18 and 40 support Labour and now this has proven that even younger members of society, like us, are hoping for a Labour Government. I think that Britain's future is very likely to have a Left-wing government. The Green Party also have more votes in young people than in the over 18 polls (2-4%).
I think that Britain's future is in safe hands. The NHS is likely to thrive in a Labour government (let us not fovrget that Labour created the NHS in 1948).I also think that Brexit (our main concern) would be carried out well by Labour and Britain will get what it voted for. They will also not under any circumstances let my country (Scotland) become Independent. This was on of my mane concerns. I hope you vote for Labour.

radishes10 · 5 years ago

Theresa May is a terrible leader- she thinks she can win the election just by telling everyone she's so `strong and stable '!

Sashgirl06 · 5 years ago

I'm happy Labour won the First News election. My first choice would be Lib-Dems if I was going to vote, but Labour's my second favourite political party. It makes me angry that Theresa May said lots of negative stuff about Corbyn during he campaign. Don't just diss the other parties, tell us what you have that will help Britain! I'm fed up of her acting like Jeremy Corbyn is completely rubbish, when he's actually got some pretty good ideas, and it's not exactly like Theresa May's perfect herself, is she?

annitdm15 · 5 years ago

I really don't know which party to go for....

annitdm15 · 5 years ago

Like , I didn't know.

banjoblaze · 5 years ago

There's a small party called the animal welfare party; spread the news about them to our generation and when we're older they might be our leaders!

If not, go green!

bruh12345 · 5 years ago

I am happy but would have loved CONSERVATIVES to win

ep-22579 · 5 years ago

I think that the result was REALLY good!