Kevin helps street dogs in Cuba



Kevin, 14, loves animals and helps street dogs in Cuba. He volunteers at a vet’s practice and has already learned to give injections and help out with operations. Kevin wants to train to be a vet himself.

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mayster · 6 years ago

Save the dogs ,America!!!!!!!!!!!! ✌

sarawalter · 6 years ago

Kevin is fit! (blush) but the dogs are cuter! How can we help Cubans help their dogs?

sarawalter · 6 years ago

Trump might not save the dogs mayster -he wants to undo everything Obama did

happykid11 · 5 years ago

What a amazing boy!

banjoblaze · 5 years ago

Happykid11- Kevin doesn't have to be the only amazing kid, we can all do our bit to save dogs and other animals. I'm vegetarian and this is currently saving the lives of loads of animals every year, for example. Also, if you love dogs you could donate to Battersea dogs and cats home. Just saying. We can all make a difference, just remember that. ?

popchip4 · 5 years ago

love puppies!
so nice that he is helping them.