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Ivo is a reporter on a children’s TV station in Mozambique, Africa. First News follows him as he makes a programme about nutrition and tells us about his world.

Malnutrition is responsible for nearly half of all deaths of children under five. Millions more children live with the effects for the rest of their lives, because their bodies and brains haven’t developed the way they should.

Around the world, five malnourished children die every minute as a result of malnutrition.

Find out how you can take part in Unicef’s Day for Change with your school to help malnourished children to grow up healthy and strong at unicef.uk/day4change

Watch all the films First News has made with Unicef here.

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sgiles · 7 years ago

I loved watching this - never been to Africa - his kitchen OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

april2008 · 7 years ago

I agree sglles

izzy64 · 7 years ago

Poor people

bookcrazy1 · 6 years ago

That's really sad - Ivo's kitchen AND the fact that a malnourished child will NEVER EVER reach their full physical potential and cognitive capacity. Terrible.

trackdemon · 6 years ago

I hope lots of people will help them.
Just think about how they are living.

saxophone7 · 4 years ago

OMG HIS KITCHEN!!!!!! People shouldn't have to suffer like this! I live in a 5 bedroom house with an en suite and I feel so bad 😢🙀👎. I feel so bad for the poor kid let's do a fundraiser first news!!!!