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Hilde, 9, has her own newspaper

My World

Hilde may be only nine years old but she is the publisher of her own newspaper in America – the Orange Street News.

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Leilani1 · 3 years ago

she is so cool!!! :) :D

Leilani1 · 3 years ago

she is so cool!

dude12345 · 3 years ago

Well done good work you are best!!!!!

sarawalter · 3 years ago

Who says kids cant be journalists? er.....adults!!! First News shows that we have something to say.

oolaboola · 3 years ago

I would appreiciate her news!
Why do people NOT!
PS.I would love to do what she does
so lucky
and fun!

oolaboola · 3 years ago

:0 :) :(
***************************** xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx**************************************

babytiger · 3 years ago

does she get payed

ms12345 · 3 years ago

wow i would love to do that
she is so brave

izzy64 · 2 years ago

In my class we have a class newspaper, it used to be on paper but it is now online! There is 5 kid editors and our teacher helps us.

bunneh · 2 years ago

That sounds cool ;o;

march2010 · 2 years ago

shes very good at it soon when shes older she will discover more than she has before

kitten · 2 years ago

I want to do what Hilde does!!!

izzy_xxxxx · 2 years ago

Do it

bobfm · 1 year ago

She is so inspiring!