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Sam, 9, is a MASSIVE Manchester City fan, so you can imagine just how excited he was when he was invited to the Etihad Stadium to take on the role of matchday Event Manager after applying for the job in First News.

Throughout his exciting Takeover Challenge, Sam was taken behind the scenes and learned exactly what happens on a matchday. Now that may sound oodles of fun (our Sports Editor was very jealous), but Sam had a lot of work to do in a short amount of time – after all, he was the matchday Event Manager for the whole day!

Now it’s over to you!
Talk to an adult and set up your own Takeover Challenge in the next few weeks. Perhaps you could be head teacher for the day? Work at your local football club, radio station or newspaper? Maybe you could get a job at your local theatre or local authority?

Film your experiences for First News Live!, ask your teacher to register and upload it here for us, and we’ll show your video here. Using a smart phone or tablet to film is fine – remember to hold it sideways so what you film is the same shape as a screen. Good luck with your challenge!

Share these videos with someone whose job you want for the day – and see if they’ll let you take charge for the day.

Watch more Takeover challenges on First News.

The Children’s Commissioner Takeover Challenge
What would you do if you could take over any job for the day? The Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge puts young people in charge of a wide range of adult jobs. It helps adults listen to children and young people’s opinions and to make important decisions – it’s time your voices were heard!

Last year, 44,000 of you took part in the Takeover Challenge, with more organisations than ever before opening their doors to young people. But can 2016’s Takeover Challenge be even bigger? Well, that’s up to you!

The Takeover Challenge starts on Friday 18 November, so be sure to head to to get involved. What job will you do? Watch out, adults, because the kids are coming. And they mean business!

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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sarawalter · 7 years ago

hate football but this looked great

halo640 · 7 years ago

can't imagine what that would be like.

Inventor22 · 7 years ago

I am a Manchester City fan, so this would be very good for me, but it's to late now because the date now is 14th January 2017.
It could be a option for me, even I don't like football that much one of my Grandad's is a fan and he has ben for a very long time because he is now 80, he started supporting them when he was a boy, so all my cousin's support the GREAT TEAM on my mum's side.
One thing I would change is the chest because someone changed it but it SHOULD STAY AS THE ORIGINAL, CLEVER,RESPECTED TEAM=MATCHING CHREST!!!!
Imagen if no one recognised our team because of the chrest. Our old crest should be Respected and kept the same!!!
(That everyone loves!!!)
Do you agree?
From Charlie

Anchor1240 · 7 years ago

All the takeovers were amazing. I would love to do all jobs. Well done to all of them. Can you please, first news, put more of those opportunities in at the next takeover????

pipahoy · 5 years ago

I wonder if my headmaster would let me take over for a day

alexgp1975 · 5 years ago

Man City is my 2nd favourite team!!!

alihoops · 3 years ago

I’m not a Manchester City fan but I enjoyed watching this