Dance instructor Charlie has helped her street get through lockdown

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A SCHOOLBOY from South Yorkshire is getting through lockdown by dancing in his driveway, thanks to the help of his enthusiastic neighbourhood dance instructor, Charlie.

When Charlie lost her bookings during the pandemic, she decided to run Dancing in Driveways sessions each morning, hoping to give her neighbours “some routine, a chance to see other people (from a distance) and to have some fitness, fresh air and fun.”

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Seven weeks later, the dancing is still going strong – and it’s really helped 11-year-old Arlo in particular.

Being autistic, Arlo found the start of lockdown challenging, but joining in the dancing has helped him feel calm. He is the only young person to join in the session every day, and has even taught his neighbours how to floss!

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kuhuzoo9 · 4 years ago

I did 30hrs of drumming in June to raise money for the NHS and it was hard
It’s great to know that loads of people are doing their part like this so everyone let’s keep up the good work 😉

kittymoi · 3 years ago