TOOTH FAIRY EXEMPT: The tooth fairy has been made an ‘essential worker’ in Argentina!

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ACROSS the world, lockdowns are being put in place to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, with only essential workers allowed out.

Typically, this means medical staff, delivery drivers, supermarket workers and others who help the world continue to run smoothly. 

But in Argentina, the government has added another important job to that list, stating that “the tooth fairy is exempt from the lockdown, as he is not under quarantine.”

Argentinian President Alberto Fernández made the announcement, after receiving a tweet from the mother of a seven-year-old boy who had recently lost his first tooth.

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“Dear @alferdez,” the letter began, “I need to ask if the tooth fairy is among those exempted from quarantine? [My son] Joaquin has lost his first tooth and we don´t know if we should leave the tooth fairy a letter (we can’t find the tooth).

The President quickly responded to Joaquin’s mother, making it clear just who’s under quarantine due to the coronavirus.

“The tooth fairy can leave rewards for fallen teeth because he is not under quarantine. But the rest of us are… Joaquin should leave the tooth beneath his pillow and enjoy the prize”.

While Alberto Fernández didn’t make it clear, we’re certain that the same goes for the rest of the world. So if you’ve just lost a tooth and are wondering whether the tooth fairy will come for it, then worry not – the tooth fairy is officially an essential worker!

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katkid10 · 4 years ago

I already knew this because on the first day of Lockdown my tooth came out.

arya · 4 years ago

Tooth fairies are obviously key workers!

arya · 4 years ago


bookboy100 · 3 years ago

of course becoz tooth fairy is not real

inaaya · 3 years ago

I lost my 8th tooth in Lockdown and tooth fairy did not come because she was in isolation LOL😂