PRINT YOUR OWN HOME: New 3D printed houses appear in Mexico

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A PIONEERING charity is building the first 3D-printed neighbourhood in Mexico. News Story has already built homes using the printing technology and is looking to create a whole neighbourhood of 50 houses. 

The charity is building the homes in the state of Tabasco in southern Mexico. Each home has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom. As you can see from the pictures, they have lots of space and are bright and beautiful. 

The homes are for a community living in poverty and the idea is that 3D printing could eventually lead to more affordable housing being available and helping to tackle homelessness.

3D printing works by using a machine that can print a 3D model layer by layer, until it becomes a complete object. That’s why if you look closely at the pictures of these houses, you can see lots of different layers where they have been printed one on top of the other.

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News Story has already built more than 2,700 homes using more traditional building materials. However, by partnering with 3D printing company ICON, they hope to build 3D-printed homes like these on a bigger scale and more quickly. The charity’s aim is to provide homes for those who need them most. 

ICON is in the process of building a 3D-printed home for a homeless man in America. If the cost of building these homes can stay low and they can be built faster than a traditional home, the sky’s the limit!

Picture credits: newstorycharity/Instagram

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Awesome! This is the best news heard in ages .

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What is it made of?!

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3d printed houses? what will they think of next!?