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First News Isolation Station

Throughout the bitter darkness of this pandemic,

we have managed to muster courage and stay energetic.

As long as we believe, that we can fight against this deadly disease, then we can achieve.

Soon after, a rainbow will come shining through and will brighten our lives, truly once more.

Fill our hearts with utmost joy, so we can embrace ourselves and enjoy.

Until then, we cannot be silent about things that matter,

we have to think positive and not let our hopes shatter.

Make the impossible, possible by staying brave,

and always making sure that we keep safe.

Do not roam anywhere else apart from your home,

unless absolutely necessary that you need to go.

It is only a matter of time that this chapter is over and the rest is history for us to cherish forever.

By Sabah Mehmood


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arya · 4 years ago

Well done! Great poem