• 29th May 2020

    Are you happy to go back to school?

    Schools across England remain on track to open to more children from Monday (1 June),… View Poll

  • 22nd May 2020

    Has your mental health been better or worse during lockdown?

    A NEW report from the World Health Organization, published during Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24… View Poll

  • 15th May 2020

    Who has been helping most with your home learning?

    WE want to know who is doing the most home schooling in your house. During… View Poll

  • 24th April 2020

    Do you prefer home learning to being at school?

    IT’S been five weeks since schools closed their doors to help stop the spread of… View Poll

  • 27th March 2020

    Did our interview help you to understand more about the coronavirus?

    YOUNG reporter Xavier, 12, talked to England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jenny Harries, about… View Poll

  • 20th March 2020

    Do you think schools in the UK should have closed sooner?

    SCHOOLS have now been shut by the Prime Minister, but he took longer to do… View Poll

  • 13th March 2020

    Is a gaming bed a good idea or too much?

    DEPENDING on how you feel about videogames, this ‘gamer bed’ is either the greatest thing… View Poll

  • 6th March 2020

    Would banning mobiles improve behaviour?

    IN an attempt to improve behaviour at schools across England, schools with the best discipline… View Poll

  • 6th March 2020

    Would you like the UK to go cash-free?

    TESCO has opened a new store in London that’s entirely cash-free. Keep those pennies in… View Poll

  • 28th February 2020

    Which gets you more: a live show or a movie?

    WATCHING a live show is much more thrilling than a TV show or film. That’s… View Poll

  • 21st February 2020

    Which generation is greenest in your family?

    NEW research has found that older generations are living greener lives than younger generations. A… View Poll