Who’ll win the league: Liverpool, Arsenal or City?


3rd April 2024

As can sometimes happen, the game that we’ve all been waiting for turns out to be a little disappointing.

That’s exactly what happened when Man City played Arsenal at the weekend, with the top-of-the-table clash fizzling out into a 0-0 draw.

Easter’s happiest team will be Liverpool, who went clear at the top following their 2-1 win over Brighton.

All three teams won in midweek too, meaning that Liverpool stay top by two points.

With eight games still to play it’s unlikely that the top three will win every game, so we can expect plenty of drama over the next few weeks.

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Who'll win the league: Liverpool, Arsenal or City?

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esandubrd1 · 2 weeks ago

this sounds like a terrible option, udt fan forever, come on united!!!!!