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DOES your teacher inspire you and make you excited to learn new things? If so, did you know that you can nominate them for the world’s biggest teaching prize?

The Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize has been going for four years, and awards a huge $1m (about £770,000) prize every year to the world’s best teacher.

The UK’s Raymond Chambers was on the shortlist last time, and has said that teaching deserves more respect, as teachers have to help kids make sense of a tricky world.

“If teachers aren’t respected, children won’t listen to them, parents won’t back them, and the most talented individuals will continue to disregard teaching as a fulfilling career option,” he said.

The current top teacher…

Canadian teacher Maggie MacDonnell won the 2017 Global Teacher Prize in March this year, with the announcement being made from the International Space Station at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai. Fancy!

Earlier this month, Maggie travelled to the UK to take schoolchildren from inner-city London kayaking – a traditional Inuit activity – on the waters of the Thames at London Docklands. She wanted to show how traditional physical exercise and outdoor activity can boost young people’s mental wellbeing. See how Maggie and the kids got on in the video above!

How do I nominate my teacher for the prize?

If one of your teachers fits the bill, you have until 8 October to nominate them. Just go to to find out more. 

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