READ: Should there be a Minister for Loneliness in the Government?


BEFORE her murder by a right-wing terrorist last year, MP Jo Cox commissioned a report into how lonely Britain is.

Now, her sister is speaking out about the results, which found that loneliness has become a ‘social epidemic’ in the UK.

The report found that loneliness is as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and affects nine million UK people.

Responding to the report, the Government said new initiatives to fight loneliness will be introduced next year.

Generational challenge

However, the report also says that government action alone cannot solve the problem.

“Tackling loneliness is a generational challenge that can only be met by concerted action by everyone – governments, employers, businesses, civil society organisations, families, communities and individuals all have a role to play.

“Working together we can make a difference.”

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izzy_xxxxx · 5 years ago

Jo Cox inspired me to help people through politics.

bigfatcat · 5 years ago

Well done Jo Cox! I am always lonely on weekends not knowing what to do!