Chaos for holidaymakers as Monarch collapses – but how did this happen?


AT 4AM today (October 2, 2017), Monarch Airlines ceased trading and collapsed. This means that all bookings with the company are cancelled.

The government will now have to fly 110,000 people who are on holiday abroad back to the UK free of charge.

All future flights booked with the airline have been cancelled too. This means that 300,000 people are now facing flight cancellations ahead of October half term.

Why the collapse?

Monarch employs about 2,100 people and reported a huge loss of £291m last year.

S0me people have said that the low value of the pound has increased fuel costs and handling charges.

However, Monarch chief executive Andrew Swaffield said the “main cause of the collapse” is terrorism in Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey, which has meant in far fewer flights to the countries.

Are your holiday plans affected?

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