The First News Children’s Charter For Brexit is here!



YOU guys didn’t get to vote in the EU referendum, which is why we decided to give the nation’s youth a voice and a chance to create the Children’s Charter For Brexit.

Hundreds of young people took part in our survey to put the charter together. It is being presented to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street by First News readers today (21 July). The UK’s children decided that these were the most important priorities for the charter:

1. Keep close ties with EU countries on security

2. Keep freedom of movement

3. Ensure EU environment laws are copied into British law

4. Make sure all the people from other EU countries already in the UK are allowed to stay, and make sure British citizens in other EU countries can stay there

Some of the comments we received included:

“It is appalling that we are leaving the EU; we held a referendum at our school and the result was 98% remain. I think this view is shared for most young people.”

“My mum has a French passport. I don’t know if she will be able to stay in Britain or not.”

“I think it is good that we are leaving the EU because now we can control how many people come to Britain to work.” 

“The politicians lied. Children are always told lying is bad but the leaders of our country seem dishonest.”

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happy4456 · 4 years ago

I honestly hate Brexit! If children were allowed to vote, we would still remain in the EU. For English, my teacher told my class to write a report(which was great because I want to be a journalist!) about anything. I decided to write about Brexit because the amount of people who say "what's that?" is very surprising.
Apparently, the reason why children aren't allowed to vote is this: we are too silly and we won't be trusted to vote for anything. The politicians who said that should come to first news and read the comments we send!!!? Brexit seems to be splitting the whole country apart, and if children could get a say in it, we could still be helping the union in all we do.
P.S. Yay! First comment???