This cute and clingy panda won’t leave her keeper’s side!



Footage of this adorable panda scrambling to grab ahold of her keeper’s leg has been viewed 163 million times in just four days.

The panda, called Qi Yi, lives in Chengdu, China – and we would LOVE to cuddle her!

Credit: iPanda

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banjoblaze · 5 years ago

A neighbors chinchilla kept sitting on my foot when I was trying to go home. ?

banjoblaze · 5 years ago

This panda is even worse, though. Not that being friendly is a bad thing. ?

sharpy · 5 years ago

its too cute

pippolino · 5 years ago


cutekittie · 5 years ago

so cute

ninjahari · 5 years ago

aww cute!!
It won't let go of the owner.

starshot · 4 years ago

its funny and cute

natella · 4 years ago

That panda is sooo cute! :) makes me smile

heartpony · 4 years ago

AWW! Adorable!

happy4456 · 4 years ago

i love pandas
they are the cutest, and that is a genuine fact!