Write a half-term adventure with Justin Somper! Here’s step five!

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We all love a great story, don’t we? Whether it’s delivered through a book, TV show or movie, we love getting to know amazing characters and embarking on unforgettable adventures. So how do you fancy writing your very own adventure story… in just a week?  Join Vampirates author Justin Somper on a half-term writing adventure! 

Maybe you already love writing and creating stories at home or school. Or maybe, as much as you like the idea of this, you don’t feel like you have the confidence or know-how? I’m delighted to be joining forces with First News to help you put together your very own Vampirate adventure and I’m going to show you how to do it in just seven easy steps. Why not tackle one step
each day?

You can put together your finished story however you like… it could be written in book form, it might be a graphic novel, you could even write it as a script for TV or a movie. So let’s get started…

Hurrah! Your Vampirate has been hired for the pirate crew – but none of his/her new crew-mates knows they are a vampire pirate. How is your Vampirate going to deal with their hunger for blood? Have they brought a handy – temperature controlled – flask with them? Or are they simply planning to attack another member of the crew each time they are “thirsty”? Can you think of a cunning solution? Also, they’re only likely be active outdoors at night… how will they explain this? Will they always take the night shift or just pretend they are seasick during the day to remain below deck? Answering these questions will help determine how effective – or not – your Vampirate spy is likely to be! And these scenes might help you create some comic moments, which I always think work super well within an adventure story.

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