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WATCH: Turns out, Britain is a nation of ‘Ki-dults’!

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Shoppers will literally be jumping for joy around the country this week with the rollout of space-hoppers for shoppers that let kids and grown-up kids (ki-dults!) hop while they shop at intu shopping centres!

Britain is a nation of ‘big kids’ with 63 per cent of adults saying they still get the same thrill and excitement playing childhood games with their children as they did when they were kids themselves. Going down slides, jumping on bouncy castles, riding on rollercoasters, rocking on swings and hopping on spacehoppers were among the top ten things that make ‘grown-up kids’ happy.

Check out this quick video of Intu shoppers, hopping!

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redpikachu · 1 year ago

Looks like a good idea if all goes to plan- but it might not work out so well e.g people destroying items with them,or inflicting harm to others using them.

redpikachu · 1 year ago

first to comment!

mollyboo8 · 1 year ago

i like it alot its a little bit sad if you know what i mean,redpikachu.

h@rry679 · 1 year ago

What a waste of money! Ooohhh, let's let people use space hoppers whilst shopping because it makes them happy. Who's going to be happy when all of your shopping spills on the floor and breaks? NOBODY.

skyangel · 1 year ago

It is great but there is the only problem with the shopping so if they could install a bag on the space hoppers that won't bounce off, then customers could put their stuff there.
it's also good family time.

april2008 · 1 year ago


bookcrazy1 · 1 year ago

Great idea! I just hope they've got effective health and safety regulations!
#hoppiness #CreatingAHappierWorld

doctor2010 · 1 year ago

I disagree with you h@rry679 as it doesn't look like you need to pay and IT IS fun.

unipiggy · 1 year ago

redpikachu don't be so negative! XD!

jaguar119 · 1 year ago

I would love to do that! It looks fun but, unfortunately, it would be quite tiring!

redpikachu · 1 year ago

@ unipiggy ok.

redpikachu · 1 year ago

Just looking at possibilities.