Mrs Claus and her elves take a ride on Falcon’s Fury

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Mrs Claus and her elves got in the festive spirit by taking a ride on Falcon’s Fury in Florida recently! Check out their funny reactions!

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nickmoo · 6 years ago

lol that made we laugh my head off

mayster · 6 years ago

I wouldn't try that out if my life depended on it .

happy4456 · 6 years ago

oh my! That was so funny!

happy4456 · 6 years ago

they squeal instead of talk! I could watch this over and over again! Speaking of which, i need to watch this at LEAST 100 times! Three more to go!

poppet07 · 6 years ago


kahgun21 · 6 years ago

Soooo funny!!

twirl · 6 years ago


twirl · 6 years ago


izzyawesom · 6 years ago

LOOK at their faces! ? I bit like this one:?And:?

izzyawesom · 6 years ago

That was quite cheesy!?

podoo · 6 years ago

That video made me want some hot chocolate and cookies ?

heyitscait · 6 years ago


mjmd222 · 6 years ago

LLOOLL!! Bet they peed their pants and after I had to get hot chocolate and cookies!!

mayster · 6 years ago


amanda2007 · 6 years ago

So much lolls!!!!

greninja7 · 6 years ago

Mrs Claus is officially more braver than me

hello123 · 6 years ago

that was very cheesy

sangn08 · 6 years ago

That looks crazy but fun. I would go on it if I coul?

nickmoo · 6 years ago

one word three sylobols LOL

undertale · 6 years ago

mrs clauses reaction lolololol

gaggy116 · 6 years ago

haha that looks so fun!

happy4456 · 6 years ago

I could NEVER EVER do that!!!!!

ninjahari · 5 years ago

LOL LOL LOL soooo funny to watch!

izzy64 · 5 years ago

Ummm, are you sure those characters are real elves and 'mrs Claus?'? Also, that ride looks truly frightening!

momo1 · 5 years ago


pugly · 5 years ago

I really didn't think that Mrs claws would do that! They look like they were having so much fun!??

fluffbear · 5 years ago

That looked sooooo fun like who would not want to go on it!!!!!! :)

fluffy14 · 5 years ago

lol x1,000,000

spark60 · 5 years ago


katkid10 · 2 years ago

Why do they have high pitched screams as talking?!