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WATCH: Penguins enjoy some bubble fun at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo


RZSS Edinburgh Zoo’s penguin colony had great fun celebrating Penguin Awareness Day last weekend with their new bubble machine!

The group enjoyed chasing and popping bubbles made by the machine, which they received as a Christmas gift.

Lorna Moffat, penguin keeper at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo said: “Our colony of over 130 birds enjoy lots of different types of enrichment, from their water slide to their floating platforms, but the bubble machine is always a firm favourite so getting a new one is fantastic.”

Did you know?

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo is home to the largest outdoor penguin pool in Europe!

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bigfatcat · 2 years ago

First comment.

sgadders · 2 years ago


fox64 · 2 years ago

I wonder if the penguins tried to hatch a bubble!?!?

lilpenguin · 2 years ago

Penguins are my favourite animal! :)

rufus08 · 2 years ago

they were really cute and the story about the pollar bears i found so interesting

oof · 1 year ago

It's adorable!!!

uniglitz · 1 year ago


kkpieface · 1 year ago

This clip of the penguins is soooooooooooooooo cute!

focus147 · 1 year ago

had to view this2 times was too cute

Patana Library · 1 year ago

Please more pengiss in z future, great vid!

huddlest · 1 year ago


sgadders · 1 year ago

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pooja · 1 year ago

The penguin episode was very very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

redpikachu · 1 year ago

Penguins are my favorite animal so naturally I had to watch this. Really cute yet funny when you see them all trying to peck the bubbles in mid air. Did you know a group of penguins is called a raft of penguins?

mollyboo8 · 1 year ago

Love it ;] :0

ti-10 · 1 year ago


emmac · 11 months ago

I wonder why they pop the bubbles?
They are so cute!

emmac · 11 months ago


emmac · 11 months ago

Really funny.?

emmac · 11 months ago

Are they eating the bubbles??
I wonder if I can buy one of those cute animals??
I would be rich if I bought one of them.

potterpug1 · 10 months ago


gamer07 · 10 months ago


ch28 · 9 months ago

That should be on LOL videos
That was so funny

xxelliexx · 5 months ago

Aw, they are so cute!!!

bimbim10 · 4 weeks ago

I love animals especially hedge hogs!!!!