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AROUND 13 miles of special fencing in Thailand is helping keep elephants away from farmers crops and helping to keep the animals safe.

The fencing around the Kaeng Krachan National Park guides the elephants away from crops and farmland, directing them back into the national park.

Around 250 Asian elephants are believed to live in the region and over the years there have been many incidents where elephants have raided farms, destroyed crops and clashed with local farmers.

Conservationists from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) say that the fences have greatly reduced the number of clashes between elephants and humans.

Figures from 2020 show a 90% drop in incidents with only 40 reported, down from almost 400 in 2005!

Because of the success of the fences, the Thai government now plan to extend the fencing by around 26.7 miles, protecting new areas around the outskirts of the national park from the elephants.

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