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Advent Calendar 2017


TO celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, First News is running an online advent calendar on First News Live! until Christmas Day.

We’ve got 25 festive treats wrapped up in the form of fun videos, celebrity shout-outs, Christmassy galleries (prepare for a parade of pups in Santa hats) and other surprises, ready and waiting for you! All you have to do is open the new “door” each day.


It’s only a cheese advent calendar! We’ve heard of chocolate, toys and even Smiggle advent calendars, but seriously? CHEESE?!

The world’s first cheese advent calendar

Food blogger Annem Hobson launched the world’s first cheese advent calendar, after creating a frenzy on the internet with her initial prototype. 

After trending on Facebook, over 11,000 people signed up to buy one in just four days alone! It’s now on sale in ASDA supermarkets! 

The Cheese Advent Calendar costs £8 for 24 pieces of individually wrapped cheese – with 5 varieties available! 

Our mouths are watering. Take a closer look at the calendar in the video above and then comment below to let us know your thoughts. 

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