Would you buy food that’s passed its ‘best before’ date?


6th December 2017

THE East of England Co-op supermarket chain is now selling food that has passed its ‘best before’ date, in
a bid to reduce waste.

After a trial in 14 stores, bosses of the chain decided to go ahead with the scheme in all 125 shops. The store says that around 30-50% of food globally is wasted, so is telling their customers: “Don’t be a binner, have it for dinner!”

The stores will sell tinned food, dried food and packets for 10p each. They won’t sell food that has passed its ‘use by’ date, such as fish and raw meat, as this can be dangerous to health. But things like rice, pasta and canned food are often still edible months after the ‘best before’ date.

Some other supermarkets give out-of-date food to charity.

Would you buy food that's passed its 'best before' date?


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bunkins · 4 years ago

FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bunkins · 4 years ago

I wouldn't buy food that was past it's best before date because it could make me very ill.

narglefrog · 4 years ago

I think that there are people sharing our planet who are starving and us throwing food away that isn’t passed its best before date is disrespectful to them.

shpee · 4 years ago

If it's cheap enough, then yes. It's just food that might not taste as good, it's still perfectly edible.

izzie99 · 4 years ago

I would but it could only be a few days older.

7diamond07 · 4 years ago

I think no because heath is way more important than saving food!

dancemunch · 4 years ago

I think it is disgusting that people would let food that is perfectly fine go to waste. Think of the people who don't have any!

cubemaster · 4 years ago

I totally wouldnt??

cotton77 · 4 years ago

If I eat food which has passed its best before date, I would be ill. This would be disgusting if I eat food that had its best before passed.

mcmonkey · 4 years ago

Well, I guess it depends what the food was-if it was tinned that can last for a long time then yes. But for foods like dairy or meat then I think that it might be dangerous to eat after a while. So I think that it depends.

jelibean · 4 years ago

it might be mouldy.grosse!

jelibean · 4 years ago

if it was pasta or in tins, yes

melon_cow7 · 4 years ago

no way because it could go rotten easily and may make me ill if i eat it.

tiuri · 4 years ago

Best before date just means that after this date, the company thinks that the product won't taste or look as good, but it is still fine to eat!

family4 · 4 years ago

Ewwwwwwwwww that would be gross and make people ill

vvvv · 4 years ago

Make sure you eat before date and give good food to foodless

kgrewal · 4 years ago

But it does depend on what it is.

strictly22 · 4 years ago

The expiry date is there for a reason and it isn't acceptable that the food we won't eat is sent to charity

pizzaboy · 4 years ago

Yuck food thats passed its best before date

viking · 4 years ago

Fair enough ‘Nargle Frog’ I actually agree with u

viking · 4 years ago

You guys know...
I love ? ? emojis!

puppy123 · 4 years ago

If it was just a few day s past , I probably would , as long as it isn't mouldy

RoseBun · 4 years ago

It depends what food it is. If it was chocolate or sweets I would because it tastes the same but I would never buy out of date milk.

icecream2 · 4 years ago

#it could kinda make you ill and I don't wanna do that-gross

cmi_hall1 · 4 years ago

Depends on what it is ?

kkdude9 · 4 years ago

Think of the people who don’t get any it wouldn’t be right

sophette · 4 years ago

Of course i would!! It’s only a guide and think of all those people out there with no food. I would only not eat out of date food if it was like more than a year out of date!! (Apart from salt,which never goes off).

fox64 · 4 years ago

I think it depends what it was...

fox64 · 4 years ago

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popchip4 · 4 years ago

no but yes could it could b a waste

bookcrazy1 · 4 years ago

I chose no because you never know what sickening stuff food can go through after its best before date. However, it might be okay if it was just a few days past it.

anjana · 4 years ago

i don't think there is any point as some supermarket retailers sometimes look at a product and think it is alright to last a few more weeks so they put the exact same thing into another clean packet and just put another sell- by- date.

lulu28 · 4 years ago

Same thing as bunkins ???

dude28899 · 4 years ago

no says no no no no no no no no no no no no that could make me very very very very very very ill

dude28899 · 4 years ago

no says no no no no no no no no no no no no that could make me very very very very very very ill :(

amynatalie · 4 years ago

For most foods, it is only dangerous if you eat the food after the use-by date. I don't see what the fuss is about the best before date because it will taste perfectly fine for a while after and won't make you I'll.(and it's reduced so...)

amynatalie · 4 years ago

While most people are throwing away food that is going to be fine for ages, many people across the globe are struggling to find any and either starving or resorting to rotten food from dustbins

claudine · 4 years ago

It's the best before date, not use by date so YES! I would.

shpee · 4 years ago

Quick reminder that a best before date and an expiry date are two completely different things. Best before dates are used for things that don't really go off, whilst expiry dates are used for when the food will (probably) go off.

Teddyowner · 4 years ago

It is absolutely fine to to have food after its best before date as it is only an estimate of when it should be eaten.
If you aren't sure whether you can eat it or not then you can:
Look- see if there is any mould or something
Smell- see if it smells funny
Taste- check if it tastes OK
If its all fine then you can eat it
Anyway it is 'best before' so it doesn't mean you can't eat it ,it may just taste a tincy bit better

[email protected] · 4 years ago

Only if it is EDILBLE!!!

girlywirly · 4 years ago

You could get food poisoning....NO way!!!!! Maybe only things other than meat ? and fish ? I’d maybe eat??

1isme · 4 years ago

I would if it is best before but not use by

xmasfan · 4 years ago

It depends what sort of food it is as food like pasta and rice are edible months after their best before date. However meats and fish I definitely wouldn't buy if it was out of date as it could make someone ill.

yanisk · 4 years ago

There is a difference between a best before date and a sell by date. If the food has expired its best before date it would still be edible and it wouldn't make you I'll. And also, there is people starving to death right now as you are reading this. Chucking away perfectly edible food would be disrespectful to them.

ZENCE40 · 4 years ago

Yes!! It's just a waste of food otherwise!! Besides, there's nothing wrong with slightly out-of-date food. If it about a year past its 'best before date' then I understand but, I personally think that 'best before dates' shouldn't even exist because then people won't waste so much food.

astro_girl · 4 years ago

I would be on the safe side and not buy it

justinfab · 4 years ago

yes only if it is not out of date by a week

nickmoo · 4 years ago

i voted no because it wouldn't be healthy for you and you would get very ill

izzy_xxxxx · 4 years ago

If it was safe then definitely because it is STUPID AND IGNORANT to throw away precious food.

izzy_xxxxx · 4 years ago

Best Before date is when a food will not taste as good but is still perfectly fine to eat but expiry dates are when you cannot eat it anymore because it could be bad for you.

sambrophy · 4 years ago

I have often eaten food that's past its best before date. It really doesn't have any difference to the food that hasn't past is best before date.

fluffy14 · 4 years ago

I voted for no because it is really unhygienic and unhealthy for us and it could cause bad illnesses

catgirl101 · 4 years ago

not sure. it could make me sick but then you think of all those poor kids who cannot afford to eat it makes you feel bad and up set! :(

miadabest · 4 years ago

NO WAY! theres a reason why they made the sell by date

daisy101 · 4 years ago

Sometimes,it depends what it is

tiffany37 · 4 years ago

like no way ew.... they might be bugs and after reactions like food poisoning so defo NUH UH

tcgmgirl · 4 years ago

I just don’t think I should eat that stuff. But if you tell my sister she will go crazy ? she hates out of date food.?

april2008 · 4 years ago

no way
why would eat food passed before date
no one knows if it can make you sick

zeushades8 · 4 years ago

No cuz it isn’t hygienic and I am CRAZY about health and hygiene etc
It could also make me very sick ?
actually I am a little sick because I’m talking about it ???

lolteen23 · 4 years ago

I would buy food past it's best before date because it doesn't mean it's mouldy, it just means it isn't AS nice. It's perfectly fine food . It is only if it't past it's USE BY date that you have to be careful.

lolteen23 · 4 years ago

Everybody who said it could make you ill, it almost defo won't. If it has mould on then no, don't eat it. If not then yes, it's fine.

drummer1 · 4 years ago

It still would be perfectly edible food and it has a low chance of making you ill if it is only past its best before date.

Janya · 4 years ago

no I wouldn't but, if i had a choice between that or nothing I would choose that!

rinlen432 · 4 years ago

I would eat food after the best before date but I would rather eat before the date that it is best before. I would still eat after the best before because it’s not an expiry date

plopping · 4 years ago

depends on what it is
like cookies yeah
veg nope

epicvader · 4 years ago

yes, i often eat food that has passed it's bbf date as long as it hasn't gone of.

elise2006 · 4 years ago

I wouldn't. I am very picky

pokeball1 · 4 years ago

I would never eat best before past food! :(

pokeball1 · 4 years ago

I'll Never eat it it will make me sick it will make me sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick

betsy1205 · 4 years ago

If it tastes good and smells good, eat it! Don't waste!

guppy2 · 4 years ago

its a bit of a waste because you can still eat it.

kinsparke9 · 4 years ago

Best Before and Use By dates are different!!! It’s ok to eat food that’s past its Best Before date!

rosyrhada · 4 years ago

It is going to make me terribly sick.
I'd be dead worried if I did do so!

sealover13 · 4 years ago

Yes because sometimes it is still good even though it’s passed the date and I don’t want to waste food

sealover13 · 4 years ago

And when it says best before it means that it’s best to eat it before the date but it’s still ok for a while after

ravens · 3 years ago

I would because if it is a day or two then we should buy it because we waste so much food as it is but if it is a week out then i think you should bin it as people could be ill.

pandacool · 3 years ago

the best before date is just a rough estimation! Food can be cheaper and as long as its only past by a couple of days its fine

holholster · 3 years ago

It depends with me, to be honest. I mean, purchasing a food product past its 'best before' date could be alright, depending on the type of food it is.

On the other hand, this action could result in you catching a serious illness.

Therefore, I voted 'No'.

llamatoast · 3 years ago

I like food when it's nice.

flyingjo · 3 years ago

yes, but not if it's meat/milk/cheese

jedigeorge · 3 years ago

no, just in case

katkid10 · 10 months ago

I would, as long as it isn't that far away from it.