Should the Government make the right to food one of its priorities?


3rd May 2019

LAST week, we were in Westminster for the launch of the Children’s #Right2Food Charter, which is an attempt to make sure that every child in the four countries of the UK has enough food to eat – and that the food is good quality and not junk.

The Children’s Future Food Inquiry says it is the first time that there has been an organised attempt to speak to children who live in poverty and to find out what they think about the UK’s food system and how a lack of food affects them.

The Children’s Future Food Inquiry was set up by The Food Foundation, which is an organisation that tries to improve the UK’s food system. Experts and MPs from many political parties were involved in collecting evidence.

They spoke to kids around the UK over the last 12 months and released their final report last week. The launch had some added Hollywood sparkle from their ambassador Dame Emma Thompson (aka Nanny McPhee and Professor Sybil Trelawney), although the first thing she did was to apologise for being a celebrity. She said she was sorry that we’ve created a society where good causes need “some old windbag like me” to get attention!   

There are a lot of problems with the way our food system works, but the main one is that many people simply struggle to afford either enough food or the right sort of food. The report says that between 2.5-4 million children in the UK don’t have enough to eat or their families can’t afford a healthy diet. “All this in the fifth richest economy in the world,” said Sharon Hodgson MP. “It shouldn’t be this way.”

The report makes lots of points about things being different in the UK’s four countries, such as free school meals applying to different age groups, or free
fruit and veg schemes not covering every country.

There are lots of stories from kids, including some who ration their own food so that other family members can eat, or kids who’ve turned up to school with an empty lunchbox. “I eat crisps for breakfast,” said one – but many don’t even have that.

Some kids at the launch said that one boy at their school often turned up with just three fish fingers in his lunchbox.

“But most of the time he only brings a packet of crisps,” Niedjeni told us.

Nazeeha added that many kids try to hide it by pretending that they’re fasting or using some other excuse. “It’s a stigma [feeling of shame] and people will offend them, so they feel really alone and left out and just want to be invisible there and then,” she says.

Should the Government make the right to food one of its priorities?


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firstspin · 2 years ago

Eating healthily is one of the few emergencies. Big companies use lots of terrible ingredients like sweeteners and preservatives, which only add the finishing touches to the taste but impact the health of the country. I feel that a law should be issued banning these types of food.

firstspin · 2 years ago

First comment!

fnkav · 2 years ago


teamgorbo1 · 2 years ago

I think that food support money should be sent to families that can't afford food. How can people be made to live in hunger?

chahou · 2 years ago

Surely this is an obvious decision for the government to make. Food is a basic thing that everyone should have access to.

zebra10 · 2 years ago


brh_21 · 2 years ago

it is important to make sure all people get food

budgerigar · 2 years ago

Yes, because if children don't have enough food, that can effect them in a few ways. A lack of energy - which could lead to them failing in school - and having a stigma (a feeling of shame) - this causes them to be lonely and left out.

dcfan · 2 years ago

Yes,this is a national emergency! Some people have to use food banks because they don't have enough money. If this is not dealt with, some people may end up with no food at all!

abinews · 2 years ago


peebi0412 · 2 years ago

Definitely, I used to be completely oblivious to the fact that children, like me, would enter school every morning... hungry.
The “going hungry” article has really opened my eyes and showed me how unbelievably lucky I am. This needs to be one of the top priorities on the government’s to do list and I hope, in the future, we can look back and see the improvement we’ve made towards child hunger.

sammyboy · 2 years ago

never eat chocolate

sammyboy · 2 years ago


lucky810 · 2 years ago

eating is important to us and the diagestive system dont work , people might feel poorly. goverment need to make a right !!!!!!!

dog_lover2 · 2 years ago

People should definitely have food. There are lots of people that don't have enough food, and without it they would die.

dog_lover2 · 2 years ago


samwise · 2 years ago

People should be able to look after themselves.

lfcrules · 2 years ago

Yes definitely but the right to not be homeless is even more important

awhitebus · 2 years ago


piggyo5 · 2 years ago

Many people are homeless and need food. If we focused more on food, we can try and eliminate more poverty

piggy9876 · 12 months ago

Yes of course. If they can that is though, sometimes so many things need priority that people -like the government- can't handle it.

piggy9876 · 12 months ago

Yes of course. If they can that is though, sometimes so many things need priority that people -like the government- can't handle it. z