Thorpe Park Fright Night



Martha and Liberty brave Thorpe Park’s Fright Night and were almost too scared to film.

Rated: 10 out of 10!

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pinkangel · 3 years ago

Wow!!! Must've been scary. Hope to go soon after I'm off school again. I Rate 8/10

smiles123 · 3 years ago

I-I w-would n-not want to g-go there. To many z-zombies.

pinky_pie · 3 years ago

fright night cool lol

pinky_pie · 3 years ago

I love it 10%10

Kids1 · 3 years ago


banjoblaze · 3 years ago

So basically a zombie themed theme park?

fluffbear · 3 years ago

well I am a scardy cat so would not go there on that day but rides look cool!!!

stardust12 · 3 years ago

I am a scaredy cat so I would never look at that video again!


stardust12 · 3 years ago


april2008 · 3 years ago

its enough to give me nightmares I'm never watching it again

ddestroyer · 3 years ago

Wow! that is soooo the night for me!

.-hunterx · 2 years ago

ill get freaked out bye the time i reach there how am i going to survive ill rate the scaryness 10/10

satsuma09 · 2 years ago

So Cool but i wouldn't go -4.5_5

junior19 · 9 months ago

That Thorpe park is funny

junior19 · 9 months ago


hcew · 8 months ago

I don't like Halloween so I haven't watched the video, but judging from the comments,(and Thorpe park's reputation) I'm pretty sure that this would give me a heart attack