Would you watch adverts on streaming services if it saves your family money?


19th October 2022

NETFLIX is set to feature adverts for the first time in the UK from 3 November.

The new service called Basic with Adverts will launch in 12 countries and will cost £4.99 in the UK. The cheapest package currently available is £6.99 a month.

The world’s biggest streaming company hopes to boost subscription figures, after sales slowed down this year.

Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief operating officer, said: “In short, Basic with Adverts is everything people love about Netflix, at a lower price, with a few adverts in between.”

Would you watch adverts on streaming services if it saves your family money?


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swiftiecat · 1 year ago

I think that Streaming services like Netflix should have a normal Netflix (with adverts) and a Netflix premium (without adverts). That way, we would have a choice on what we wanted. Also, other businesses like YouTube have this and it makes it a lot more simple.

candyapple · 1 year ago

This is tricky, because although I HATE adverts, it saves my family money, and this is good because everything is going up this winter.

iloveelly · 1 year ago

Yes, especially because the cost of living is going up.

mistywater · 1 year ago

I think that if it saves money, then do it! Or have a Netflix premium without ads at an extra cost. This way people can choose.

stingray1 · 1 year ago

It's a bit stupid but I would

beanie_22 · 1 year ago

In my opinion, I think that I personally would watch Netflix with adverts IF it saves money. For instance, it’s just a bunch of videos advertising random stuff, it won’t be harmful. Secondly, maybe some of the adverts would be helpful: like if you need a gardening tool, or vaccum cleaner, the ads would help. I also think they should do a free Netflix and one with paying services (like swiftiecat suggested).

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uniquestar · 1 year ago

adverts can sometimes be helpful so i would choose streaming services over netflix.
plus- who doesn't want to save money?!!

wild1girl · 1 year ago

I don’t this so it would be very annoying for adverts to keep coming up

ziggyg · 1 year ago

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I guess i would if it means an extra family pound a year.

randomico · 1 year ago

I hate adverts but I can deal with them if that means less money

nuggetwirl · 1 year ago

I'd say no because for me that defeats the point if having it !

potterwolf · 1 year ago

There is ads on everything now. The companies just want MONEY. They just want people to purchase their “ad free” or “VIP membership”. Just NO!

ginny09876 · 1 year ago

I don’t know, I don’t like watching adverts but if it saves my family money then I guess I would be happy to watch adverts on streaming services. But I DO NOT want adverts in the middle of the film or TV show I’m watching. Before or after it? fine. In the middle? No.

Also, @swiftiecat it would be alright if the Netflix premium was the price it is now, but if it went up then there wouldn’t be any point. Especially for people who don’t have tons of money.

ugoose86 · 1 year ago


varrunan29 · 1 year ago

Money is very important for streaming services. The real question is why...

mothstar · 1 year ago

My household doesn’t have Netflix