Would you sniff all of your dog’s poos for £5,000?


2nd March 2022

A DOG food company is looking for one very dedicated dog owner to sniff their pooch’s poop for two months, to see how a plant-based diet affects it.

The particularly passionate pet owner will be given £5,000 by Omni, the plant-based dog food company, to record all the ways that their dog changes with a plant-based diet. The dog will get some sustainable dog toys and vegan treats, too.

That means keeping track of their bowel movements and how the poo smells, as well as things like their overall health, their weight, skin and fur condition.
If you were thinking of becoming a professional poo-sniffer, we have some bad news – the job is only open to those 18 and over!

Would you take the job, if you could? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Would you sniff all of your dog’s poos for £5,000?


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youssiano7 · 5 months ago

5,000 pounds, of course I would (although I don't have a dog)!

cloandhols · 5 months ago

Yes! It will help a dog food company but also i would love £5,000

ivansp2011 · 5 months ago

of course!!!

scarlet10 · 5 months ago

no way it stinks!!

blackmamba · 5 months ago

Remember the 5th of November when I got 5000 pounds . It might stink but if it's for a good cause then it's worth it.

izzy89 · 5 months ago

Even though £5,000 is a lot of money,I wouldn't sniff poo for 2 months!!!

athenakid · 5 months ago

I don’t have a dog either, but if I did, I would defo sniff it’s poo! Does that sound creepy?

jeremyfrog · 5 months ago

No, I would rather earn that money somewhere else.

tiger.star · 5 months ago

It would be a good to see how a plant based diet affects dogs.......but smelling their poo is kinda gross!!

emi1234567 · 5 months ago

I mean of course ITS £5000 DEFINITELY WOULD IF I HAD A DOG who wouldn’t ?????????🤑💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💰💰💰💸💸💸💵💵💵🪙🪙🪙💴💴💴🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

bigbiscuit · 5 months ago

Yeah! I would if I had a dog! (I don't really mind dog poop)! We also went to Crufts on the weekend! SO MANY DOGSSSS!!!

ugoose86 · 5 months ago

😖🤢🤮 ewwwwww... (nope dope) I don't want to do that dude and anyways that's disgusting...

superpug27 · 5 months ago

I would, I already have to pick it up every day!

trainboi · 4 months ago

It’s 5k and I love my dog even his poos so definitely!

dogcat123 · 4 months ago

£5,000 is a lot . I would definitely do it if I had a dog.