Would you ride on a self-driving bus?


27th April 2022

THE UK’S first full-sized self-driving bus has taken to the streets of Scotland.

Five buses from Stagecoach Scotland are completing their final road-tests before passengers can start using them in the summer.

Each bus, which can carry 36 passengers, has been fitted with special sensors that tell the vehicle which roads it should use.

Sam Greet, who works on the project, said: “This is a major step forward in our journey to fully launch the UK’s first full-sized autonomous bus service and will provide easy access to a brand-new bus route in the heart of Scotland.”

We think that means he’s excited about it! But some people are still worried about the safety of buses without drivers. What do you think?

Would you ride on a self-driving bus?


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mxm0 · 3 weeks ago

I think if you were sure it would be safe it's a great idea especially if it causes less carbon being released. But it still feels a bit risky...

ivansp2011 · 3 weeks ago

It would be risky at first, as underdeveloped buses might crash but in a few years time after it would be exciting to ride one.

sunnysmilz · 3 weeks ago

Probably, as long as they could ensure that the technology wouldn’t glitch or something.

launcher · 3 weeks ago

I would ride a self driving but not for a long journey as something could go wrong.

superdork · 3 weeks ago

Although self driving vehicles seem to be the future, I don’t know I’m ready to trust them yet! 😬

monkey61 · 3 weeks ago

You may not be able to trust them because there are no humans driving so if there is a problem with the technology then the bus might just go anywhere to random places.

emi1234567 · 3 weeks ago

I like the future more than olden times so sure

bluecat18 · 3 weeks ago

I just dont think that technology is advanced enough for autonomous vehicles.

jumpybunny · 2 weeks ago

Its definitely cool idea! I'm just not sure I would want to go on one though!

backbender · 2 weeks ago

I think yes, because it is a great idea. It would be really risky though!

max1234 · 2 weeks ago

In my opinion, I wouldn’t dare to go on. If my school was like 5 miles away and the bus had no driver, I would walk to school instead.

bunk123 · 2 weeks ago

I'm not sure it would be cool but I would be slightly worried as there would be no driver

candyapple · 2 weeks ago

I definitely would! It sounds like a great idea. Of course I would be a bit nervous, however, I'm all for it if I've been assured it is perfectly safe...

kawh3 · 2 weeks ago

Obviously, NO WAY! The self driving busses might not know where they’re going!

solarpolar · 1 week ago

I wouldn't for several reasons. It might be tested for safety but when you have a human driver they can respond to other peoples' actions, unexpected situations and conditions . Would it be able to wait for someone to cross the road or let another driver past first? It might be clever and safe, but it can't respond as a human driver would. Being a bus driver should be a respected and well paid job. Do we really need to make anyone else lose their jobs? Its amazing that we can do this stuff but do we need to? Anything could happen.The road could be icy or someone on the bus could suddenly be taken ill, if it was a human the bus driver could drive straight to the hospital but a self driving bus would just continue on its rounds. I think there are a lot of things to be considered before we can safely have a self driving bus.

tiger.star · 1 week ago

I would, but nowhere dangerous like cliffs

loldoll20 · 1 week ago

Umm I’m not sure bc driverless buses means no jobs for former bus drivers. And u know in first news it said people are starving bc they can’t afford food? Well less jobs means less people who can afford food! Technology experts are literally creating their own problems! 😠😱