Would you rather text your friends than talk on the phone?


9th September 2020

ARE you a texter or a talker? A new survey has revealed that most British people prefer to text than make phone calls.

YouGov Profiles data shows that 55% of Brits say they would prefer to receive a text message over a phone call. It seems younger people are the biggest fans of texting, with 72% of people under the age of 40 saying they prefer texts. Some of the reasons people gave for not wanting to speak on the phone included feeling they don’t have very good social skills, verbal skills or a good enough concentration span. What do you think?

Would you rather text your friends than talk on the phone?


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katkid10 · 1 year ago

I don't have a phone but I would rather talk on the phone or Skype.

aces10 · 1 year ago

I’d rather talk on the phone. When you hear someone speak, you can almost always tell how they’re feeling straight away.

galaxystar · 1 year ago

I enjoy texting more as I don't really have to show my feelings

jakejosh · 1 year ago

Don't have a phone but prefer texting rather than talking on skype

lune · 1 year ago

I’d rather text. It’s way more fun because you can send emojis

freya2909 · 1 year ago

I just recently got a phone and i like to text and send emojis/gifs to friends/family

uniqueuni · 1 year ago


uniqueuni · 1 year ago

Meh too

bamboomilk · 1 year ago

I prefer calling my friend because it's nice to hear their voice, especially with all the lockdown and COVID-19 stuff going on. But I accidentally pressed texting. I am a clumsy person don't blame me.

caravanner · 1 year ago

I text as I hate my voice and forget everything I want to say and remember it again when the calls finished

asteroid · 1 year ago

texting means that tones can be misunderstood

stargrl · 1 year ago

Texts can be hacked, phone calls cannot.

kuhuzoo9 · 1 year ago


kuhuzoo9 · 1 year ago

Kinda faster cos u don’t fall into a loooong conversation
Just say wat u wanna

hashbrowni · 1 year ago

I prefer texting as I feel awkward on the phone

moomoo_31 · 1 year ago

I'd rather text, it's always awkward when you talk on the phone. : )

rorobot · 1 year ago

I don't have a phone but I would rather phone rather than text: you can only say so much when you're texting.

marmoty100 · 1 year ago

I’d rather text

20songe · 1 year ago

and am definitely a talkative person. :-)

sarah.m · 1 year ago

i put text because sometimes on calls it is a bit unclear and you can send emojis, so it is much easier especially as some peoples cameras and their connection can be a bit bad so to text would be a lot easier

sarah.m · 1 year ago

also stargrl, phone calls can be hacked. my school had to start locking their zoom meetings because someone in the school had someone hack into their meeting. and for skype similar things can happen. and for facetime all you have to do is write someones number or email in. and although there is just a call with a voice only, loads of people tend to use those as well

sarah.m · 1 year ago

but i get where you are coming from your not wrong, in fact, really clever to have thought of that and even though it is wrong it shows that you really think about safety because obviously you didnt know that calls can be hacked and very few people do know that as it is rare anyways. but i get where you are coming from and you're really clever

crystxlrxs · 1 year ago

Well it depends where I am am I next to them or in my house?

eribao · 1 year ago

I would rather text or email

panda89 · 1 year ago

I like to talk because you can talk a bout more random stuff and it be normal and also if u are sad talking makes you feel better 😊

opalstar · 1 year ago

I would much rather talk on the phone, you can really share and express feelings, more without having to use emojis, such as (that's rubbish) people might take it the wrong way.
So yes. Talking on the phone is much better.

djshadow · 12 months ago

Me too

lionesslil · 12 months ago


codonnell · 12 months ago

on the phone, you can hear someone's expression, but if you are messaging, some things may sound like you are being nasty or rude. I definitely prefer talking on the phone or on a video call.

cupcakesxo · 12 months ago

Text, I don’t have a phone but I have Skype and my friends text me

dingbat202 · 12 months ago

i would txt but my friends are so bad at organising stuf it takes a million messages and about 1/2 h. but sometime s u cant talk 4 wotever reason so txt'll have to do

hummusgirl · 12 months ago

I like to call my friends as then you can clearly tell how they are feeling and not have to guess their emotions from behind a message.

maisylove · 12 months ago

I would rather text because you can talk with more friends.

artymartin · 12 months ago

I think it is a mixed argument, I prefer talking on FaceTime or over the phone as it is easier to explain things and it is nice to hear someone’s voice but phoning and FaceTiming isn’t really for quick talks. But more people have access to texting and texting is also a quick easy to arrange a place to meet but texting isn’t really for long talks or conversations. But none of them match up to meeting someone face to face.

pickles7 · 12 months ago

I like to text bcos it means that you can send cute smiley emojis and also gifs and pictures and vids ☺️

samcan · 12 months ago


tlsea · 12 months ago

You can't say much in a text, so pick up the phone and talk!

backbender · 12 months ago

I don’t have a phone, but if I did I would phone them. ❤️

candyflos · 11 months ago

I’d rather talk so I can hear their voices and yeah

candyflos · 11 months ago

Plus u can hear there expressions and feelings eg if there sad u might text soz but it’s nice to hear someone comforting you

willowroma · 11 months ago

I get to anxious to talk to people haha. I would rather text because you get time to think about what to say and you don’t have to answer straight away

lobsters98 · 11 months ago


badgehuff · 11 months ago

Texting someone gets the message though without the awkwardness of waiting for the other person to speak.

gracebob · 11 months ago

I prefer talking because I’m really bad at texting and I like to hear their emotions in the way they say it

roseninja · 10 months ago

LOVE SKPE SO YEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😹😹😹😹😹😹💪🏻

sushiroll9 · 9 months ago

I like to talk as when I text someone you don't know when they will reply .Also if you are texting your mum might mistake you for playing on your phone.

ecool · 8 months ago


notsniw · 8 months ago

I vote talk on phone because you can be quicker than texting one by one

spookyboot · 8 months ago

i would rather see my friends face than see them in a bubble and messages are sooo annoying cos they go PING! in the middle of lessons

rhubarbf · 7 months ago

With me, I think that when you text your friends they might take your message the wrong way because they can't hear how you mean it.