Would you rather stay in watching things online, or play outside?


29th March 2023

A POLL has revealed that the favourite activity for UK children is watching online videos.

Kids Industries surveyed 5,000 families from ten countries, including the UK. They asked parents and children (aged between 4 and 13) lots of things, including what kids like to get up to in their spare time. The top activity for UK kids was watching online videos (73%), while watching streaming services came second (67%) and playing phone games came third (60%). Playing outdoors at least once a week came fourth, mentioned by 59% of UK kids, compared to 75% of children in Brazil.

There were lots of other interesting insights from the poll. It found that 67% of UK children felt positive about the future, although around a third said they were worried about the climate (33%) and money problems (32%).

Speaking about goals, half of kids said they wanted to be happy, 47% said they wanted a well-paying job, while 32% wanted a good education.

The poll quizzed parents across six different continents too, and UK parents were found to be the most stressed. Only 47% of parents felt confident in their ability to be a parent, while 40% of UK parents said they wish they had more advice on how to be a good parent.

What do you think of the poll? Do you feel like it represents you and the people you know?

Would you rather stay in watching things online, or play outside?


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aces10 · 11 months ago

Although I am probably more likely to stay inside on screens, I would much prefer to be outside. I think many children including myself would be happier playing with other children, but the problem is that everyone else is inside on devices as well. I believe all children should be encouraged to go outside and play with others more.

randomico · 11 months ago

I like to be indoors and I’m okay with that

nessness · 11 months ago

I like outdoors and indoors it really just depends on my mood

lig · 11 months ago

It's bad for your eyesight to sit staring at screens. Playing outside is a much better way to spend time with your friends because you can actually see and be with them. If you text them, or call them, your not actually WITH them.

Gingerman · 11 months ago

I would love to play outside more but the givernment have cut the police and that means its not as safe as it used to be. my brother used to play outside all the time but then we had a police station nearby and a nice park and a youth centre he met his girlfriend there. Now there is no youth centre no police station and the park is horrible because of the new train hs2 which is running through my town. Now the police station and youth centre is flats and noone lives in them even!!

rabbit789 · 11 months ago

playing outside because playing video games and watching videos affect your health.

pigeon1414 · 11 months ago

I would like to play outside more because if I watch too many online videos I get bored and restless. I enjoy watching videos but not for hours however, I definitely think I could be outside more often than I am.

lovelymrj · 11 months ago

I play outside much more since we are barely allowed to watch

bonniebill · 11 months ago

I chose 'play outside' because it's just boring to just sit inside all day playing computer games! I would definitely rather play outside in the sun!!!

cchiotts · 11 months ago

If I want to learn I would like to stay inside in the shade peace and quiet but if I want to go play or stretch I would rather go outside

svarghese · 11 months ago

Screens are addicting! I remember a kid being literally glued to their ipad at the bus stop. I mean we can have entertainment from time to time but not always.

elsamyd · 11 months ago

Hard decision on this one. Sometimes I want to play outside and sometimes I want to do things online so I didn't really know what to vote for.=/

candyapple · 10 months ago

I think it depends on the weather!

iloveelly · 10 months ago

It would definitely depend on the weather because if it was raining I would watch things online.

0039.kapsc · 10 months ago

Every child needs physical exercise and vitamin D that comes from the sun.

mimi365 · 10 months ago

I would rather play outside than be stuck indoors all day. Screens are bad for your brain and eyesight so they should only be used occasionally like for calling friends, texting people and food recipes.

duolingo · 10 months ago

being outside can be really fun, and its good for your physical and mental health

zipgirl · 10 months ago

Play outside because I could carve with chalk or chunks of wood 🪵, do some gardening, play netball, just laze around, reading a book, do things you normally do indoors outside on a mat and anyway I have glasses 👓 because of being on the screen to long in lockdown because of online meetings and recorded lessons. But it would depend on the weather. I DON’T want to be soaked outside and catch a cold 🥶.

zipgirl · 10 months ago


anonymous8 · 10 months ago

You should play outside because you could get a head ache or square eyes.

lavu · 10 months ago

to be honest, i'd rather stay indoors. i know its is better for my mental and physical health, but sometimes i like being lazy, chilling on the sofa.

lavu · 10 months ago

i know its not better for my mental and physical health*

anyu · 10 months ago

As much as I love

washwash2 · 10 months ago

screen will make your eyes go square .I bet King Charles would also say that!