Would you mind if your teachers wore cameras?


14th February 2020

THREE schools in the UK have been trialling body cameras on teachers to reduce bad behaviour.

It’s thought that teachers wearing cameras in schools will make pupils less likely to act up. Two of the schools have already confirmed they will continue to use the cameras.

Larry Davis, deputy head at London’s Southfields Academy, said that the cameras had calmed situations down, as pupils knew they were being filmed.

But some people feel like this is just the latest example of surveillance causing unpleasant environments. Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch, said: “Young people shouldn’t see teachers as walking CCTV cameras, or fear being filmed without their consent.


Would you mind if your teachers wore cameras?


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lindawalla · 12 months ago

No, because I'm all ways good at school and I do my work.

ioloallen · 12 months ago

I Don't Think Body Cameras Are Good And I Shall Just Recommend Using
Normal CCTV Cameras In School.

delealli · 12 months ago

I most certainly would mind! That is against my human rights!

netcheer11 · 12 months ago

What? That is weird.

mahooha123 · 12 months ago

That is just creepy! I wouldn't want to go anywhere near a teacher!

mimiphia · 12 months ago

Yes,I would mind because I would always be fearful that my teachers are watching me and knowing my every move.

plane · 12 months ago

No, I don't think teachers should wear cameras because it's almost as if somebody is spying on us.

peebi0412 · 12 months ago

I would struggle regarding teachers wearing cameras because you would loose bonds you had with the staff because you may become intimidated and enjoy school less.

peebi0412 · 12 months ago

First to comment! 😂

popsy2409 · 11 months ago

I wouldn't like that

ghilt09 · 11 months ago

First to comment!!!

ghilt09 · 11 months ago

I wouldn't like it

champs2005 · 11 months ago

I think it will be a great idea and will reduce bad behaviour in classrooms and will make classrooms a better learning environment

piggyo5 · 11 months ago

I don't think we should use cameras in schools. Children will feel like they are being watched and they don't have any freedom. If a child does something naughty and wrong, there are other ways to deal with it. I have experienced this but I know that after the teachers had some strong words, the person who was troubled and naugthty is fine now.

5honypony · 11 months ago

First to comment!

dog_lover · 11 months ago

Yes, actually, I would mind.

Although pupils would stop misbehaving, they will be scared of coming to school. We need our privacy. If you really think this has to be done, install cameras around the school. Imagine at lunch a teacher walking outside or something and then the whole school goes deathly quiet. That would be really creepy

mr_fox · 11 months ago

I think it will just put pressure on pupils and it will actually worsen the behaviour. As well as that, I believe that there is no real point in doing this, as eyes are used for that. Young people should not have to experience this sort of thing.

immimoo09 · 11 months ago

I would mind because it is not nice to be watched all the time and it could break up pupil and teacher bonds

bubble33 · 11 months ago

I think it’s a weird idea, and we already have CCTV cameras so we don’t need more.

wildcat90 · 11 months ago

I definitely would mind, I wouldn’t feel like I would be able to talk to them because they watching you all the time. I don’t think it would help encourage good behaviour, it would just make people scared.

oceangirl · 11 months ago

It would feel like I was being spied on so no I wouldn’t like it. However I do agree with cctv cameras around school (NOT EVERYWHERE THOUGH)

bamboomilk · 11 months ago

Why do teachers need to wear cameras? Maybe they're secret spies.......

wireskid · 11 months ago

I all ready have eagle eyed teachers!

fox64 · 11 months ago

I want privacy when I'm struggling over work, I don't want people I don't know o be watching me!

lindawalla · 11 months ago

My brother said "I get used to the teacher's angry voice each year so I answered no."

wireskid · 11 months ago

Yes I would mind because it would be creepy.

lollipop33 · 11 months ago

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............................................................................................... Idk

brayboy · 11 months ago

Having a camera on my teachers is not a good idea as it would really put me off my schoolwork knowing I am being filmed. It would be worse than having inspectors!

cloudy23 · 11 months ago

It would be very awkward to be filmed the whole time and also some people don't like having their faces in videos/photos. It is an invasion of privacy.

luciah · 11 months ago

if my teacher wore a camera i would ask my parents if i could become home schooled

celtic10 · 11 months ago

No because people should have privacy

dyisurskyc · 11 months ago

I dont think there's going to be criminals at schools

netball_09 · 10 months ago

We have managed just about fine without them until now and I would just feel awkward speaking to a teacher if I knew they were filming me

pegasus-52 · 10 months ago

Use CCTV , could make you feel arkward

nexylicia · 10 months ago

thats basically invasion of privacy

snufflypug · 10 months ago

Yea, because um creepy! Hello? I don’t want to be watched in the classroom!

sloth-love · 10 months ago

It would make me feel uneasy as well as anxious because ,even without cameras, I get a lot of worries around homework and schoolwork even though I know I've done it!

stargrl · 10 months ago

It's not like kids will be trained crinamals. Its not fair to pressure children. It could affect tests, and make them the criminals they are thought to be. Sometimes people need privacy. And the teachers may be uncomfortable. They would most likely be showered in abuse by angry parents. This would NOT be fair.

Anyway, I wouldn't have a problem. It's just not fair.

racoonface · 10 months ago

I would find it creepy

aspeni · 10 months ago

my teacher is so nice it would make her nice outfit creepy

jupiter1 · 9 months ago

no because it would put me under pressure

kinza · 9 months ago

Well what do they do with the videos

jambar · 9 months ago

That is against my human rights

fishgirl2 · 9 months ago

Oh my word! I definitely would mind, thank you very much!

I would totally freak out. 😬

wireskid · 9 months ago

Yes, that's just weird.

wireskid · 9 months ago

We already have had about 100 CCTV cameras at school and that is against my human rights, I never had the decision on weather I was on CCTV before and we now have had another 45 added so more is just ridiculous.

edmonds123 · 9 months ago

NO because its like someone is watching you everywere I would get completely stressed and feel like I cant get privacy .I am very well behaved at school its just that I think this is a bit extreme and even normal cctv is a bit ott seen as you never know who is whatching you and when.
Also my teachers at my school say we have cctv but we don't and we all know tha but we are still stressed!!!
Icant even belive that someone had the idea to do this also just think about the amount of money going to get spent on cammeras because there are over way moe than 1000 schools in bittain and probally over 30 staff members in each

edmonds123 · 9 months ago

yes I would mind

killswagjr · 9 months ago

Yes because it matters who the teacher shows and it's a violation of my human rights!

cakelover1 · 9 months ago

It would make my class be good but that would also suck out our character because we are good but we love a joke and we would stop with that if our teacher wore a camera. Also that is against our human rights like delealli said i agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

catfan123 · 8 months ago

It would be odd knowing they are always watching you. It may stop some kids coming, and scare them

netcheer11 · 8 months ago

I am good at school but I just think it would be a bit creepy you mnow

netcheer11 · 8 months ago


ljay · 8 months ago


dog.lover · 8 months ago

No. This may make all the teachers give better punishments and proof of what a person has done wrong.

royalrebel · 8 months ago

i would hate it because if you do something embarrassing then someone did something naughty lots of teachers would look back on it and they could maybe see the embarrassing thing you said or did.

fishingpod · 8 months ago

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elincxx · 8 months ago

yes! it's an invasion of privacy.

katkid10 · 8 months ago

I think that I would be very scared and never do my work if this happened. Sometimes my PE teacher comes into the changing rooms, some people are basically naked. If the Headteacher went through the camera feed I think that she would get nightmares for the rest of her life...

pigeonfan · 7 months ago

Yes I would mind because it would be really weird

bourbons25 · 5 months ago

I think it would have a bad effect on mental health and I also think it is an invasion of our privacy.

emilynight · 4 months ago

That creepy I mind all the way heck na I ain’t letting no teacher watch me😡