Would you like longer school days to help you catch up on school work?


28th February 2021

AS some pupils have returned to school in Scotland and Wales this week, the British Psychological Society (BPS) says that pressure to “catch up” after lockdown might not be good for children’s mental health.

The Government has announced £1 billion in funding to support children making up for lost time after the closure of schools.

However, their suggestion of longer school days and shorter holidays to help children catch up has not gone down well with some teachers and educational experts.

Dr Dan O’Hare, the co-chair of educational and child psychology for the BPS, said: “We can’t assume that the right thing to support their recovery and wellbeing is to be in lessons for longer each day.”

Would you like longer school days to help you catch up on school work?


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willow8128 · 1 year ago

I am the first to vote!

skgninja · 1 year ago

What is the point? Children will just look for more ways to stop doing work so that they can enjoy the summer with their families! #FIRST2COMMENT

cuddle3 · 1 year ago

No, But it should be optional

aann · 1 year ago

I think it is a good idea,as you cannot 'redo' a school year.
However,it should be optional.

nim-pom · 1 year ago

I think school hours should not be extended. However, if needs be, extra lessons can be an option for those who struggled during online school.

marmoty100 · 1 year ago

No, because you may have done lots of work during lockdown (I have done lots of work) and it would just be unfair for that person or the people who have done their work, set by their teachers.

opalbarnet · 1 year ago

i think my school day is just right. However, if it was longer, i would have no time for my pets, family, reading, and writing.

aussie123 · 1 year ago

I think children will not work as well because they will be more tired at the end of the day. In my school the teachers always find it hard at the end of the day because the children are either too tired to work and listen or too eccentric and loud to teach.

aussie123 · 1 year ago

Also there will be more children skipping school.

legobill · 1 year ago

No school! I love my house and no kid should have a longer school year!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱

kelly · 1 year ago

Thats what I think but children who maybe feel that they really struggled during the homeschooling, their parents could say,"I would like my child to go in for extra days."

arya · 1 year ago

I think online school is quite tiring, and people have been looking forward to it being different when we go back to school, but if we have longer days, then we will still be tired at the end of the day, and also I don't think anyone would be able to focus.

historygal · 1 year ago

It’s not like we aren’t working at all, we are doing homeschooling and staying longer at school may damage some young people’s mental health, we need downtime, especially after the stress of Covid

historygal · 1 year ago

I agree with Arya 😊

ep-22579 · 1 year ago

I think that longer school would be quite good for people,but not many people would choose to do it.

dangercat · 1 year ago

It is a good idea, but I have been working A LOT during lockdown and when everyone goes back to school I don't really want to be working for longer!

dangercat · 1 year ago


redskwirel · 1 year ago

I would like to be with my friends for longer but I would not like to be doing work for longer!

amyunicorn · 1 year ago

I voted no, who wants to do more work !?

ivansp2011 · 1 year ago

I think not as we already have homework when we go home and doing extra work will leave us exhausted and without strength

owlgebra · 1 year ago

I said yes

owlgebra · 1 year ago

I think yes for the upper years, but I agree that it should be optional. Year six children need to prepare for secondary school.

sherni · 1 year ago

I think they should try and see how we are working in school, and by using that information decide whether or not to have extra hours.

cometboy · 1 year ago

We voted NO, me and my sister, but we would like to stay longer at school for clubs. Especially skipping and football.

meepemeeps · 1 year ago

I don’t think teachers believe that it is necessary, and the votes show the majority of us don’t, either. I think we have done our best for home school, and we should start fresh and new when being welcomed back to normal school.

ira497 · 1 year ago

Your asking me whether I want to spend longer at school.
Bruh you sure about that? (^_^)

milkpuddin · 1 year ago

I was a key worker child so I already went to school and it would disrupt clubs

dog13 · 1 year ago


scarlet10 · 1 year ago

NO because i did all my school work :(

ellabeegee · 1 year ago

Students have enough pressure with school as it is. They need the time after school for homework, relaxation and extra curricular activities.

harp · 1 year ago


mrsbieber9 · 1 year ago

I feel that having longer days in school would not be very beneficial as many children will feel resentment to do more school work than they already do. Although other options such as a week of short days in summer school may be more beneficial because children’s moods are always lifted during the summer and it’s extra time to spend with your friends.

isssad · 1 year ago

no, because even though you do a lot of work at school you also learn things at home.

kuhuzoo9 · 1 year ago

Hell I would not
I’m quite good with my studies and work if I do say so myself. So I’m glad we’re not getting extra work and school time

cherryx · 1 year ago

I did ever single piece of work I was set during lockdown so I don’t need it and I think people would find the day to long then.

bookworm66 · 1 year ago

I think longer days would make kids less motivated and tired. They would not want to come to school because they would be exhausted especially if they had a lot of homework. It would leave no time for spending time with friends and family or for relaxing.

mothstar · 1 year ago

well it depends. if the kid feels like they are leaning then no but if the kid feels like they aren't the yes

epicflame · 1 year ago

I do not think the school hours should be extended because I will have no time to spend with my family

katkid10 · 1 year ago

I was only doing two lessons a day and I felt like I was falling behind, but after the first week I completely caught up. Although, some people were definitely behind, my class is naughty and would HATE having longer school days though.

rabidluigi · 1 year ago

I got money for saying yes

weirdcat · 1 year ago

I don't think we should have longer school days, because most kids will be completely exhausted by the end of the day and wouldn't even be paying attention to the school work.

123emperor · 1 year ago

We do it anyway

bdm · 1 year ago

Children have missed out on so much education over the lockdown period, so extra hours at school are really essential to ensure that there are no learning gaps in their knowledge. However, it would be more efficient and less tiring for pupils.

smartbryan · 10 months ago

No! It’s boring enough already

emi1234567 · 8 months ago

No! 30 hours of school a week is enough for me