Would you like a wind turbine to be built in your community?


15th February 2023

BY the time you read this article, Bristol should be home to the tallest wind turbine in England.

The huge turbine is 150 metres tall and owned by a group of residents from the Lawrence Weston housing estate in Bristol, who got together to set the project up. It is expected to be built this week and start selling energy to the electricity grid from May.

The residents hope the turbine will power more than 3,000 homes by this spring, and that it will generate up to £100,000 a year to help people with the energy crisis, as well as saving 1,965 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Mark Pepper, who founded the project, said: “It is a massive achievement that we’ve managed to pull off as an impoverished [poor] community.” He added: “I’m hoping it will give confidence to people that they can achieve things, confidence that they’ve got a better, brighter future and a stronger connection with the climate emergency.” Mr Pepper said it was a relief to see construction of the turbine begin after seven years of fundraising and planning.

Experts say the UK should be building lots more turbines like this one, as we have lots of wind. Unfortunately, local communities can’t access the funds to build them.

Would you like a wind turbine to be built in your community?


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ivansp2011 · 1 year ago

For a better environment, yes, however when they construct it it would be loud and distract many people from their work.

splashy10 · 1 year ago

Yes because it would able people to use wind power more rather than oil.

einstein2 · 1 year ago

I would like a wind turbine built in my community as it would provide green energy for the town, as well as nearby areas; this would allow my community to make the switch to completely renewable energy sources and we would be carbon neutral.

laxviji@gm · 1 year ago

It would be better for the environment but during the construction it would be very busy

tiger.star · 1 year ago

Definitely, this would be so cool and good for the planet

aces10 · 1 year ago

Wind turbines are a great way to produce energy in an eco friendly way. Not only that, it also would reduce energy costs for the area, which would be especially great during this cost-of-living crisis. However, a wind turbine is probably incredibly expensive to be built, and as with the one in Bristol, it would take years of planning and fundraising; though, as technology advances, they could become cheaper, and, over time, pay for themselves through the energy produced.

flamingo27 · 1 year ago

I would like one to be built in my local community as it would really help with the energy crisis even more and my home would be powered by it, I think it would really benefit having more wind turbines like that one!

bonniebill · 1 year ago

Yes I would if it meant energy was cheaper!

breezy · 1 year ago

I picked no because it would be noisy and annoying.❌‼️⛔️

pandagem · 1 year ago

Wind is one of a select few renewable energy sources and is quite efficient. Days have become windier which is convenient in this situation. This makes it ideal to use windmills

max1234 · 12 months ago

I haven’t decided because I live near cities ( but I’m in the countryside bit) and they have a million wind turbines.

axolotl- · 12 months ago

Yes, this would be great for the community! It means our village would have lots of green energy!

potterwolf · 12 months ago

YES! To have a renuable energy source close to me it would be AWSOME! I love trying to help the planet.

ramblebook · 11 months ago

I'm not really sure I have 2 reasons both in yes and no
1. No because they can be dangerous so close to building
2. Yes it will save money and help the environment Xx🤔