Would you like a Saturday job?


10th January 2020

A REPORT has suggested that the Saturday job is dying out, as teen employment has fallen by 48% over the last 20 years.

The report by the Resolution Foundation said that young people were prioritising learning over earning. Research Director Laura Gardiner said: “With young people today expected to end their working lives at a later age than previous generations, it’s understandable that they want to start their working lives at a later age too.”

The report showed a sharp fall in the number of employed students in further and higher education, as well as people taking longer to find a job after leaving full-time education. Despite this, overall UK unemployment fell to its lowest level since 1975 last year.

Meanwhile, findings from the Office for National Statistics suggest that half of new jobs created by 2030 will be filled by people over 65. The number of over-65s who are employed has increased by 188% in the last 20 years, from 455,000 to 1.31 million.

One explanation could be the continued increase of the state pension age. But Rest Less, who carried out the research, added: “Our population is growing and people are living longer, healthier lives.”

What do you think?


Would you like a Saturday job?


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quantumkid · 3 months ago

I feel that the weekends are to have a break, so if you are working through it, when can you get any rest? I wouldnt survive like that!

delealli · 3 months ago

I would like to if I was old enough because it would be cool to earn money for myself and to learn what it’s like to have a job. Sadly, I am an August baby so when everyone else is already a teen, I am still 12. 🙃

delealli · 3 months ago

Also, first to comment. 🙃🙃🙃

guest_360 · 3 months ago

1st to comment, pinky swear

hi_its_me · 3 months ago

I would like a Saturday job because it would be good experience for me and i could earn my self a bit more pocket money.

ameliau · 3 months ago


omangion · 3 months ago

I would love to have a Saturday job because I would be able to earn money!

deen · 3 months ago

First one to reply!!!!!!!!😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

guest_360 · 3 months ago

I’m not a teen yet I still wouldn’t mind a Saturday job!

lottielove · 3 months ago

Maybe if it was a job that was fun and that I enjoy but I don't think so because I always am very tired on Saturdays and I always just have to rest.

yanisk · 3 months ago

If it doesn't affect your health or education, having a Saturday job could teach you many valuable life lessons.

toffeedogs · 3 months ago

i DEFINITELY want to get a Saturday job as soon as i can!

p.s. FIRST TO COMENT!!! :) =D

book_girl · 3 months ago

I think Saturday jobs are a good thing because you can earn money for your future.

remi27 · 3 months ago


remi27 · 3 months ago

Also I wouldn’t want a Saturday Job because I like to enjoy my weekends

starlock · 3 months ago

I wouldn’t really like a Saturday job because I enjoy resting in the weekends after school, plus I would be exhausted

guest_360 · 3 months ago



starrynigh · 3 months ago

Yeah refs if it earns good money

amazingaje · 2 months ago

people mostly have a break on Saturdays so why would you make teens have all the pressure!, basically I say teens need a break

dontaskme · 2 months ago

No because I have about a kazillion things to do on Saturday

piggyo5 · 2 months ago

I think it is important to have a Saturday job because you need money to pay for your university or college. Also, if you need a job after going to university or college just to get you running on your feet, that won't be avalible.

lindawalla · 1 month ago

I answered yes because it's a great way of earning money for myself instead of tidying my room just to earn a measly £1 also I usually get suuuuuuper bored on weekends especially Saturdays so it will also be a great way of passing time!