Would you eat weird-flavoured cereal?


9th March 2022

TO celebrate National Cereal Day last week, food delivery company Deliveroo launched its own range of unique- flavoured cereals for one day only!

Among the options up for grabs were Sushi Roll cereal, Margarita Pizza and Chicken Katsu Curry. The First News team was divided on whether we’d eat them for our brekkie. Would you?

Would you eat weird-flavoured cereal?


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izzy89 · 5 months ago

Sometimes normal is OK, but sometimes you can go weird. However, weird cereal is just over the top

cooltiger · 5 months ago

I would like to try Weird flavoured cereal but not have it everyday unless I like it🥣

emi1234567 · 5 months ago

Uh disgusting 🤢 in their right minds would?????????
MARGARITA FLAVOURED CEREAL? SUSHI ROLL CEREAL? CHICKEN KATSU CURRY I don’t mean to sound mean but if I got that for breakfast I would be disgusted 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

haevin · 5 months ago

i think it might be fun just to try some new things👍

blackmamba · 5 months ago

NO. I could get sick Im not paying for that.

sunnysmilz · 5 months ago

Some people prefer savoury to sweet and lots of cereal is sweet, so I guess some people might prefer it

scarlet10 · 5 months ago

cool, different

athenakid · 5 months ago

All the way! I ❤️ 🍕!

ojpolls · 5 months ago

Sushi would be a weird flavour for Cereal

ginny09876 · 5 months ago

I think it would be quite interesting to eat weird flavoured cereal. I wouldn’t mind eating chocolate flavoured, chilli con carne flavoured and taco flavoured.

puppiesand · 5 months ago

If you're happy to have it for supper, why can't you have it for breakfas?

puppiesand · 5 months ago

If you're happy to have it for supper, why can't you have it for breakfast?

marthajja · 5 months ago

No I cannot eat meat and I wouldn't know if sushi ones would have meat in

charlieee7 · 5 months ago

There's a large enough range of cereals. New ones might not be popular and this could result in being thrown away and lots of food waste which is bad for the environment.

sailor31 · 5 months ago

I mean I guess it is no different than have pizza for dinner but I think I'll stick to toast thanks

simb356 · 5 months ago

Wouldn’t it be a bit strange? I mean I wouldn’t mind having a try if I really had to but i would definite not have it for breakfast!

ugoose86 · 5 months ago

That is DISGUSTINGLY weird no I'm not doing that...🍕🍗🍙🤮🤢🤢🫥

puzzlepeas · 5 months ago

margarita pizza! I mean, I'd try it!

iluvhedwig · 5 months ago

Maybe not, let’s stick to the fun flavoured crisps instead!

chaem17 · 5 months ago

I would be up for any wierd flavored cereal, as you never know what famous flavour is out there! Despite this, I definitely would not try a slug flavoured one!

superpug27 · 5 months ago

I want to try it before I judge it. It sounds fun!

fridakhalo · 5 months ago

I reckon everyone should try something new unless their allergic or for other health reasons. Though I wouldn't have anything that isn't vegetarian. I wouldn't mind trying pizza cereal though!

minjapanda · 5 months ago

I would have some cereal like ice cream cereal😋 but not spinach.

sadie2010 · 4 months ago

Why not? You may as well give it a try!😂

wildkoala · 4 months ago

I eat weird food combos i uused to eat pancakes with mayonase

katkid10 · 3 months ago

I like the idea of Katsu Curry cereal.

simbasimba · 2 months ago

Sushi cereal? Ya bet! Nom, Nom, Nom...

simbasimba · 2 months ago

But NOT Margarita.