Would longer school days help you with work?


30th March 2022

NEW plans have been announced for schools in England, including longer days and higher maths and English targets.

The Government wants to help pupils catch up after missing lots of school because of the pandemic.

Research suggests that the poorest pupils have fallen behind the most, with reading skills particularly affected. Some pupils are said to be months behind.

Ministers want all schools to be open for a minimum of 32.5 hours a week, which will mean slightly longer school days for some of you. However, most schools are already open between 32 and 35 hours a week.

They also want 90% of children leaving primary school to reach the expected standards in reading, writing and maths by 2030.

The target is currently 65%. Other key features in the Government’s White Paper – a document outlining all the plans – include increasing the national GCSE average grade from 4.5 to 5 by 2030, and introducing a national behaviour survey.

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said he wants “strong schools with great teachers for every child”.

Some unions and charities aren’t happy with the plans though, saying they will be difficult targets to meet and only put more pressure on children.

We want to know what you think – vote, then please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Would longer school days help you with work?


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sunnysmilz · 4 months ago

I already have to do homework after school, I don’t want longer school days

redpig5 · 4 months ago

I'm in half half but more yes why? For Yr 5's have to take tests to get into other schools no for we miss a lot of doing things we like!

hairypoter · 4 months ago

I think that longer days would help with work because longer days means more lessons and more lessons means more knowledge

scarlet10 · 4 months ago

i'd become distracted and i'd want to be outside

dragonnerd · 4 months ago

Personally, by the end of the school day, I am usually too tired to pay much attention. What i think would help would be if the school day started at a more resonable time and ended later as waking up at seven and still being late to school is a pretty rubbish start to your day and makes you less likely to have the enthusiasm to learn.

trainboi · 4 months ago

At the end of the school day, I often feel tired so I would not be able to pay so much attention in later lessons if school was extended.

keyas123 · 4 months ago

Well, if you think about it, longer school days won't really help us. We would have less time to do homework and other tasks we need to do, but more time to do things that are not really beneficial to us. We would feel more pressurized with all the school and extra work that it would not be good for our wellbeing and mental health. Maybe optional after school learning for children like us, if they feel behind. Extra curricular activities will be able to take place and our wellbeing will be better.

ginny09876 · 4 months ago

No! It sounds like it would make work worse! School is long enough as it is, personally I think school should be shorter! The longer school is the more bored you get, the more bored you get the less you concentrate, the less you concentrate the less you learn, the less you learn the less paths you can take etc.

ginny09876 · 4 months ago


milkpuddin · 4 months ago

People wouldn't listen at the en of the day so It would make know difference

milkpuddin · 4 months ago


sadie2010 · 4 months ago

It really depends on how long the day would be. School is so important but one of the fundamental things about school is enjoying learning. Having longer days may afect how much enjoyment is taken out of it.

sy24 · 4 months ago

I don't think they would learn because normally you get really tired and stressed when you have longer days at school. Normal school days are fine with me. You also might not learn because your brain always needs refreshing.

emi1234567 · 4 months ago

I think school is already long enough and if anything the hours should be shortened. I would just get really tired and bored for more than 6 hours. Also by the end of 6 hours at school I am already bored.

coolcats · 4 months ago

I am split in half. They wouldn't be helpful as honestly, I do not believe children can focus when they have already had six hours of work. But what really persuaded me that they would be helpful is that children like me must be prepared for the stressful world ahead of them. They cannot go from six hours to, for example, long doctor shifts. Plus, it makes them more clever. They will become more focused after, let us say, the first two weeks. They would be more helpful, I believe.

randompeep · 4 months ago

I think that longer school days will be unpopular and disruptive with after school activities such as swimming lessons or meeting your grandparents. However, I think a max. of 30 mins of extra school is not that bad, as long as we get extra breaktime to make up for it!

goldkitty1 · 4 months ago

No, definitely not. They wouldn’t help, in my opinion, they would just make kids, like myself, more tired and sometimes stressed. We’ve already gotten used to the length of our school days now and if that’s changed then it’ll mean having to get used to longer days and less time at home. We’ll spend less time with our family and less time just to relax and take a break.

superheroa · 4 months ago

If we have more playtime and no homework thats good.

mothstar · 4 months ago

I am home-schooled but if i had to do longer days i wouldn't have time to do homework and have time to myself as i am a full-time competitive swimmer.

superdork · 3 months ago

When school ends I’m not focusing well so I just want to get home, do my homework, then relax. Adding on extra time would just make me more tired and unfocused

dolphin26 · 2 months ago

Wow Keyas123. What a great answer!