Would banning mobiles improve behaviour?


6th March 2020

IN an attempt to improve behaviour at schools across England, schools with the best discipline will team up with those where improvement is needed.

The Government has put together a team of experts to lead a new programme to improve discipline. Some tactics could include banning mobile phones and making pupils line up in silence before entering classrooms, although experts say that what works in one school won’t necessarily work in all.

“Pupils learn best in an environment where there are no excuses for bad behaviour,” said Education Secretary Gavin Williamson.

The Department for Education is looking for around 20 schools that have excellent standards of behaviour. These lead schools will then support another 500 over the three-year programme, by sharing ideas that have worked for their pupils.


Would banning mobiles improve behaviour?


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netcheer11 · 2 years ago

It totally would because I don't have a phone but my friends all do and sometimes their behaviour isn't the best so children with phones should have careful parents? Who else doesn't have a phone and agrees?

mahooha123 · 2 years ago

My secondary school has terrible behaviour! It already has banned phones and we're meant to line up quietly before lessons but most people completely ignore all the teachers and behaviour rules. Some students hide their phones in their bags and they occasionally make noises in lessons. I can't imagine they will find 20 schools with excellent behaviour very easily!

saxophone7 · 2 years ago

I am in the middle because I think it sometimes distracts people but sometimes kids feel attached to their phones and behave better with the reassurance of a phone in their pocket

super5tar · 2 years ago

I think it might, because if they ban them, pupils are less likely to try and use them during class. However, some might get angry when their phone is taken away and distract the class or behave worse. It just depends on the student.

kittycorn · 2 years ago

I think banning phones will help improve behaviour because a lot of people are on social media and are not communicating with the outside world. So I find it nice to not have phones. But still use it in school if there is an emergency.

mhkmal · 2 years ago

Banning mobile phones won't help because you are punishing us kids and instead the teachers need to work with us.

larlas13 · 2 years ago

I do think mobile phones would help as they are banned at my school and pupils work so much better as there is no notification sounds to distract them. Bullying has also decreased as people cant take pictures of people without permission anymore.

loli-pop · 2 years ago

Personally I believe that children (especially naughtier children ) would be quite upset or angry if they would not be allowed their phones. Also phones are useful for plenty of different reasons. Things like calculators, online educational games, notes, do so much more good for children then exemplary behaviour will ever do for them. Thank you for reading my comment

dwfangirl · 2 years ago

I put no because it would only make everyone in my school complain and get quite frustrated. This usually results in arguments and tension between form groups.

v_venkie · 2 years ago

I think banning mobile phones will improve behaviour as cyberbullying can sometimes occur.

zahara · 2 years ago

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zahara · 2 years ago

I think it would because everyone loves their phone and they would lean from their mistakes

9dolphin · 2 years ago

I don’t think that banning phones in schools would help with behaviour because it would just encourage people to break the rules and bring them in anyway.

piggy05 · 2 years ago

If you ban mobile phones, there will be less of a chance of cyber - bullying. If people aren't being bullied, they will be happier.

abinews · 2 years ago

Banning mobile phones would probably improve behavior as the constant " I want to reach for my phone and check if I have any messages " itch would not be there. But would banning them only make more people want to use them? Because we all know how well telling us NOT to do something works! Banning may not be the solution, there's always a way to get round that kind of rule ( toilet cubicles... ) and if the rule then said " No phones allowed, EVEN in school bags ", they'd have to check every single schoolbag, coat and trouser pocket, which is simply not feasible.

qwerty272 · 2 years ago

Students would pay more attention in class, and it would also improve communication. It would reduce the risk of cyberbullying.

harryp8 · 2 years ago

Using mobile phones can be a huge distraction and pupils should be spending more time in the outdoors.

starblaze3 · 2 years ago


starblaze3 · 2 years ago

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anju-fnews · 2 years ago

People are distracted by phones in class at secondary school which doesn't allow them to fully understand what is going on in class so they will have a lesser chance of passing their exams.

lindawalla · 2 years ago

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15rcarterr · 2 years ago

I agree! I don't have a phone, and lots of people in my school do. And their behaviour is not great. Also, somebody got so addicted to their phones, they were texting during maths. :-(

jorj · 2 years ago

Our school has phones banned but if you have a reason to have your phone like going on the bus you can hand it in to reception

rainbow8 · 2 years ago

In our school you can't take in phones, you have to drop them off in the office. I think every school should do this as it can cause behavioural issues. You can't take them in until you reach year 5.

5honypony · 2 years ago

Banning mobile phones during lessontime is normal and important, but for the whole day, I believe that children have to be independent, and learn to not use phones in between lesson times themselves

epice · 2 years ago

It won't improve behaviour because people will just bring them in anyway. They are banned in lessons at my school and students still text with their phone under the desk or behind their pencil cases.

epice · 2 years ago

Students just have no respect for teachers or everyone else. 😠

nevada · 2 years ago

It would probably make behaviour worse
Those adults love to annoy us

nevada · 2 years ago

if there’s bad behaviour in secondary school than we should keep a phone on the call our parents or in
worst cases the police and ambulances

tigerqueen · 2 years ago

It really depends. I know someone who had their phone taken of her for 2 months and her behaviour was terrible. I think she was like this to prove that taking her phone of her isn't going to solve anything. On the other note, in my school we are not allowed to bring our phones to school unless you walk home by yourself. If you bring them they are locked away in a safe. So the kids can't play on their phones and behave perfectly!

nevada · 2 years ago

Teachers don’t respect us enough

daveadave1 · 2 years ago

Banning mobiles will improve behaviour as it will stop children learning swear words from there friends or learning bad behaviour from social media

ocean32 · 2 years ago

I think it would improve behaviour because all of my friends, I don’t know about anyone else’s, are doing TikTok during learning and get so enveloped in that that they never do any work. I agree with netcheer11

itsscarlet · 2 years ago

Obviously it would!

chorkah08 · 2 years ago

It would because most of my friends told me that their phone is part of their natural resources. They spend a very long time on social media.

pegasus-52 · 2 years ago

They could get angry cuz phones are banned

dog_lover · 2 years ago

No point anyway, schools may close because of Coronavirus

nexylicia · 2 years ago

No, we used to be allowed phones during breaks but now since they are banned in our school, people fight in the classrooms because they are bored.

moonaldo · 2 years ago

My school has already banned phones and it definitely works, because nobody talks about them as much.

snufflypug · 2 years ago

People would have a better attention span without phones!

lollipop33 · 2 years ago

Don't ban mobiles. They're the only way kids can get to their parents in an emergency. But maybe they should have a rule of not using the newest phones like iPhone 11 pro max because people get addicted to them

thanos · 2 years ago

You do not really need a mobile phone. It is just affecting your life and future. You may only need it when you are calling someone or only a few texts.

pengwin325 · 2 years ago

my school has already banned phones

stargrl · 2 years ago

Totally, the kids in my year are bad enough without it.

bamboomilk · 1 year ago

When children aged 10+ have been on screens for too long it actually makes them kind of grumpy. People need to be in a good mood to learn. However, this isn't the case for everyone. Some people might have apps on there to help with school like Duolingo, Times Table Rockstars, Quizlet, Spelling Shed, Educake, Sumdog and lots more. I voted no because phones are essential for some individuals.

sloth-love · 1 year ago

I believe it would because at school , when where allowed to use our phones, some kids (including a few of my friends) still don't have phones and it can make them upset because -pretty much-everyone else has one and they don't. Also, some children can become nasty because others in there class don't have a phone.
I think phones should be ban in school!
Also, I agree with 'kittycorn' that mobile phones should still be used in an emergency situation!

cloandhols · 1 year ago

No. It would make you angry and grumpy that a rule has covered your phone up

mat29110 · 1 year ago

It was a hard one but I put no. I put this because if you kept them it could rise levels of cyber bullying in school.

racoonface · 1 year ago

No because some parents would like to know when there children have arrived at school.

aspeni · 1 year ago

I dont think it will change pupils because its their personality to be like this

scichaser2 · 1 year ago

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have my phone to use at school. However our school has banned phones and as a result it’s a really lovely place where we verbally converse not text.

wireskid · 1 year ago

It just doesn't make sense to me

crystrobin · 1 year ago

Yes I think that banning mobile phones in schools would improve behaviour. The students would be less distracted from their work whilst in class, and more encouraged to do their homework or participate in clubs at lunch or during break times. Phones were banned at one of the secondary schools I went to but the behaviour was still awful and students would always take their phones out at break when no teachers were there and also in class, whilst at my current secondary school phones are not banned at break times and the behaviour is much better. I think this is because the teachers are more strict and we have to leave our phones in lockers during class so students don't go on them at that time when they are in class, however during lunch all the students are on their phones and it is very antisocial. Banning phones does not necarserrily improve behaviour, which is different in every school, it is more about the way teachers act towards students and the manner in which they teach. A teacher that makes you eager to learn can make you less likely to behave badly even if phones are not banned, but banning phones would allow more students to interact and socialise with each other and make friends which I definitely prefer to a bunch of addicted students constantly staring at their phones and not talking to anyone, especially before I got a smartphone and just wanted to make friends when I was in year seven. Teachers should ban phones but also be stricter towards students and watch them more to make sure they are not breaking rules and behaving well towards teachers and fellow peers.

edmonds123 · 1 year ago


edmonds123 · 1 year ago

I think people woud et more angry and stressed withpout phones too be honest

areraisin · 1 year ago

I think u shouldn't ban cell phones cause I have one and im totes addicted but my behaviour is amazing

xkruger · 1 year ago

if their phones get taken away from them wouldn't they just express worse behaviour?

esmemiller · 1 year ago

I don't have a phone either and all of my friends did and when i went up to secondary school they became rly pozy and their behaviour changed bc they were able to get more apps like insta and tik tok and snapchat. Also some of my friends went on their phones in class as it is such a big school which meant they didn't learn much.

Jewab99 · 1 year ago

I think it is a good idea to prevent the use of phones during school time, but more extreme measures make school more like a prison than a supposedly fun learning facility.

yaz_09 · 1 year ago

I don't think it can beause if someones already naughty it might make the situation worse

yaz_09 · 1 year ago

I agree with xkrugher

fishingpod · 1 year ago

I think they will behave better because they might play them while learning!

royalrebel · 1 year ago

i chose no because you keep some schedules on a document on your phone and have calendars and other stuff you need to express your feelings with emojis.

samcan · 1 year ago

I think people should be aloud phones but the school should make this app where you can only do certain things and it turns on when school starts and off when school ends

legendarym · 1 year ago

It definatly helps because i had moved to secondry this year and my school is not allowed phones at first i was like ughhhhhh but then i realised that i made better friends because ine of my friends from ptimary went to a school where phones werw allowed and she struggled to make friends

superpug27 · 1 year ago

This is a very interesting and hard question. Lots of parents and teachers think that phones make behavioural issues with children. Articles and front page newspapers have shown that it does affect the behaviour even though they might have done one test which might have been false or poorly taken. I’d also like to point out that people saying that their friends have a phone and have a really behaviour just means that their friends are different to lots of others. You could think that your school has the same problem with phones and behaviour but that could only be a problem in your area or county.

sarah.m · 1 year ago

it really depends. pupils may behave badly and text, take pictures of others and many more other things that could get someone in serious trouble

smartirl · 1 year ago

YES! The girls in trouble in my private school are always on their phones!

marmoty100 · 1 year ago

I say yes it helps because if you go on your phone you get distracted!

wordworm · 1 year ago

what if you need your phone to find your mums car at the end the day if banned you could not find it

emilynight · 12 months ago

I have a phone but I agree with netcheer11 all the way😄

badgehuff · 11 months ago


mothstar · 6 months ago

yes because since one of my friends has had a phone she has changed A LOT!!!