Do you worry about the amount of sugar you’re eating and drinking?


3rd January 2018

PARENTS are being encouraged to give children “two snacks max” a day to help cut how much sugar they have.

The Change4Life campaign is promoting healthier snacks.

This is because half of children’s sugar, around seven sugar cubes a day, comes from unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks. This leads to obesity and dental decay.

Figures show that children are consuming at least three unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks a day, with around a third consuming four or more. Now, schools can get a range of fun activity ideas to help school councils promote healthier snacking. The idea is that kids share their knowledge with other pupils.

The “two snacks max” rule applies to all snacks apart from fruit and vegetables.

This month, 3.6 million Family Snack Challenge leaflets will be given out through the School Fruit And Veg Scheme to more than 16,500 primary schools.

Do you worry about the amount of sugar you're eating and drinking?


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bookcrazy1 · 5 years ago

Yes, but I think going on a diet and seeing everyone else eat sugary snacks around me while I can only eat fruit and vegetables would make me feel bad, wouldn't it? Also, eating hardly anything for a long time can affect your health, I've heard.

strictly22 · 5 years ago

I usually take the healthier option of fruit rather than chocolate because even it has natural sugar it is healthier for us

sangn08 · 5 years ago

I don’t really worry because my mum makes sure I have a balanced diet.

drummer1 · 5 years ago

I don't worry to much because I do a lot of sport so however many calories I eat I burn off about 3/4 of them.

rubyrub · 5 years ago

I should do but, I'm not going to lie, I don't. Everyone around me keeps on saying stuff about how sugar is sooo unhealthy and bad for you. Has anyone even tasted it? It's delicious. No one that loves it can give it up in two minutes. Trust me, I try, but I never get anywhere. Not really into leaving sugar now. I'm going to work my way into it and gradually get there. But it's hard. Do you know how much food contains sugar? A lot. So unless these food manufacturers stop putting so much sugar into food, it's going to be hard for anyone to stop.

orderby1 · 5 years ago

Sugar is bad for you so eat healthy snacks!!!!!!!!!

girlywirly · 5 years ago


cubemaster · 5 years ago

TBH I do eat a fair bit of sugar every day but I don't seem to be gaining any weight so I don't really give any thought about how much sugar I eat.

gracehope · 5 years ago

i love sweets and chocolate but i try to have as much fruit as possible

gracehope · 5 years ago

i love sweets and chocolate but i try to have as much fruit as possible

egc005 · 5 years ago

No, I feel like I have a balanced diet although I didn't realise there was so much sugar in things like tinned tomatoes beans so you have to be careful on what you decide to eat

ginger2007 · 5 years ago

I love eating sweet/sugary snacks like chocolate and sweets but I am trying to get out of the habit of eating it so much.

anjana · 5 years ago

I don't want to go on a diet but I think that watching how much sugar you eat in a day is a good thing to know because then you know that you need to level it down a little or not.

anjana · 5 years ago

I bet there isn't a single person in this whole universe who has never ate any sugar at all!

rinlen432 · 5 years ago

I don’t want to end up having diabetes (type 2) it’s fine if any else has it because my mom has diabetes so however has diabetes is not alone but I don’t want to get diabetes.

cooledie · 5 years ago

I don't really worry about how much sugar I eat , but my mum makes sure I don't eat too much of it.
I would not always choose the sweet option though!

injustice · 5 years ago

It is too easy to eat bad things at school

ep-22579 · 5 years ago

Schools across the UK try to encourage children to pack healthy snacks but their not doing enough. They could keep a food diary or create a banner.

gingetoff · 5 years ago

Yes we should be eating healthier but going on a diet is a bit of a drag. Imagine not being able to eat sweets or chocolate.For me personally it would be very tricky limiting to two a day. I eat about 4 a day. So yeah.

tcgmgirl · 5 years ago

I don’t ‘worry’ about my house because I am fit and don’t eat too many treats! One example is that I give Up a lot of treats in Lent . Although I do watch what I eat and I am careful.??

oceangirl · 5 years ago

I went yes
Well I should have gone for both
I eat a little too much chocolate

oceangirl · 5 years ago

Ruby rub even fruit has sugar

Tell me you like me in comments
Love chocolate

xmasfan · 5 years ago

No, I think that if you eat a balanced diet you shouldn't be worried about how much sugar you are eating and drinking.

Jewab99 · 5 years ago

I do eat lots of sugar...

pinkfood · 5 years ago

you should worry about this because it could conclude in high damage

sambrophy · 5 years ago

I sometimes worry that if I eat too much sugar I may get extremely terrible and possibly uncureable diseases...?

ragedfatal · 5 years ago

Yes, but I have too much of a sweet tooth to try and reduce. I'm trying though...

epicvader · 5 years ago

My family eat super healthily, so no.

arguitar10 · 5 years ago

I think that that we should control how much sugar we are eating and eat something sugary once in a while.

betsy1205 · 5 years ago

I am a vegetarian so I can't have most sugary sweets like haribos, but I do admit that I am a bit of a chocaholic. I try not to eat that much sweet/sugary stuff because I want to be healthy. : )

april2008 · 5 years ago

yes, because i don't want my teeth dirty

icecream2 · 5 years ago

I kinda worry a bit and try not eat to much unhealthy stuff

zeushades8 · 5 years ago


arguitar10 · 5 years ago

We all need to watch how much sugar we take in. It is hard to turn away a chocolate bar or crisps but we all need to make sacrifices......

pheebz10 · 5 years ago

I do worry but my school has snacks at two breaks and their is often just chocolate biscuits or something like that so if I have the two snack then i can not have pudding at dinner and if I only have one snack then I am aloud something at dinner but I think that I little bit of sugar s okay. I would also have lots of sugar at christmas and stuff like that

rachel360 · 5 years ago

I don’t have many sugars because my mom is a dentist and I can’t have many sweets. Also we have downloaded this app which says how much sugars the product has.

rachel360 · 5 years ago

I don’t worry really

bela · 4 years ago

Sugars bad for you

amberspell · 4 years ago

No because I'm very skinny and even am trying to fatten myself up a bit!!! I know that sounds weird but it's true!!!

unidist · 4 years ago

yes........... :-(

holholster · 4 years ago

I don't worry about the amount of sugar I'm eating and drinking, although I am careful not to consume it too much. Anyway, I don't drink anything apart from water, because I don't even like fizzy drinks.

llamatoast · 4 years ago

I like suger

melon_cow7 · 4 years ago


amepower17 · 4 years ago


We can’t solve obesity just sitting around,don’t be casual about It we must do something now.

As a child myself I think it is vital to cut down on sugar.i am NOT talking about going on a full on diet because that’s just not right I think cutting down on that one guilty Oreo after dinner could be enough.

Stay healthy ???????????????? but remember you are not banned from sugar you are just cutting down on it...

To all those sugar addicts like me STAY SWEET!!!

melon_cow7 · 4 years ago

Yes Mum Just gives me them and forces me to eat them ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

trudie · 3 years ago