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Do you wish your parents were on their phones less and talking to you more?


8th June 2018

SIMON Cowell has revealed he is feeling much happier since getting rid of his mobile phone last year.

The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent judge says he became annoyed about how much he was using his phone. Being without it for the past ten months has made him feel much better, he says, even though it felt very strange to start with.

“It has been so good for my mental health,” says Simon. “It’s a very strange experience, but it really is good for you and it has absolutely made me happier. The thing I get irritated with is when you have a meeting, everyone’s on their phone – and I was probably in that place, too. You can’t concentrate.”

Children and teenagers are often accused of being on their phones too much. In America, there are even rehab clinics for young people who are addicted to their phones. And, in the UK, an app that rewards students for time spent away from their phones is being released across 170 universities.

But it’s not just kids. A 2017 survey found that more than half of adult phone users check their device within 15 minutes of waking up.

Now, other celebrities are said to be following Simon’s lead and ditching their phones, too.

But, could you do that? And what about your parents and guardians? Do they spend too much time stuck to their phones when they’re around you?

Take part in our poll of the week to tell us what you think.

Do you wish your parents were on their phones less and talking to you more?


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bitzer · 2 weeks ago

I think they should look at their phones less because if you are trying to say something important to them they will keep looking at their phones and ignore you!

darjap · 2 weeks ago

This is not something that happened in my family, however for those children's parents who are on their phone more than they talk to their children, i think that their children need to get more attantion from a person they knew all their life.

dork · 2 weeks ago

i hate the fact that some people just stare at their phones all day. yes, some times it is work related. but if they are playing games and not listening to their own children it's just unfair especially if the child is asking a reasonable question. i mean would you like to be ignored ?

cmi_hall1 · 2 weeks ago

No because my mum and dad are very rarely on their phones so I never have to wait for them to finish.I 'm really grateful that they do this!

stbernard5 · 2 weeks ago

Yes because they don't listen to you because they are to busy on there phones

kimpearce · 2 weeks ago

I think that parents should be off their phones and electronic devices so that kids can be able to talk to them and grow up like them and kids can be able to talk to them as much as they wish

skate · 2 weeks ago

I don't know, because my parents don't use phones much.

tabbycat29 · 2 weeks ago

I think hey should be on their phones less because then you have more time to connect with them and talk about important things.

tka10 · 2 weeks ago

i really do not like when you try to tell your mum or dad something like "mum i need ten pounds to buy a book" and then they just ignore you

ep-22579 · 2 weeks ago

My parents talk to me as much as going on their phone. I would rather at least one of them ditched their phone like Simon Cowell, but sometimes I ask them to check the weather on their phone. They spend at least half the time on their phone.

elsatrot · 2 weeks ago

I think that my parents talk to me it's nice because they say nice things. I think it's better to stay off phones because it can be bad for your health

14stjohb · 2 weeks ago

My parents don't spend a huge amount of time on their phones but I know that I at least influenced them a bit when I deleted all my games, social media accounts and Youtube on my phone, and so far I've only used my phone when necessary. Not to watch Youtube or to be jealous of other people's lives on Instagram or Snapchat but to call or text my parents or friends that I like talking to. My parents have genuinely started talking to me more since I've put my phone aside (and so have they). I've still got my brother to work on but he'll finally stop watching Youtube upstairs - rather than doing his homework - at some point.

10emoore · 2 weeks ago

This doesn't happen for me, but I have noticed that when adults are on their devices, they don't acknowledge what you are saying and usually just nod their heads as if they have heard what we are saying. So yes, I think adults shouldn't spend so long on their phones.

unicorn248 · 2 weeks ago

Looking at their phones less would not only help them but us as well if we were trying to say something important to say

unicorn248 · 2 weeks ago

4th to comment

superman77 · 2 weeks ago

I think yes because first it is better for their health and second you won’t have to ask them a question again and again and again

pandaray10 · 2 weeks ago

in my family, we always have a time to talk each day together, (Breakfast, lunch, dinner or breaks) and I don't find that they go on their phones too much. Of course they have to work, but they don't work all day, so I find it is the right amount of family time, and alone time.

jojo4ever · 2 weeks ago

I think people should put down there phones and talk to children more because if a parent is using their phone too much , it is highly likely that the children will do the same . It will also help the environment as birds are getting killed because of mobile phone signals . Put down phones and talk to children more. It will have a good impact.

fridayfun9 · 2 weeks ago

Yes and no...
Yes:because you could spend more time with them doing things like playing board games
No:because they would not be nagging u to do your homework and they may be doing important things like taxes

oceanwaves · 2 weeks ago

Children could feel lonley and get depression if they feel as though their parents are not paying enough attention to them.

jiffpom972 · 2 weeks ago

Yeah they can play crossy Road, ROBLOX and sonic forces speed battle. They can have fun too and we can chat to them on the game, not in real life.

trojanlcus · 2 weeks ago

It’s so unfair that adults use their phones so much!

sisi · 2 weeks ago

I think yes, because it is really important for the parents to want to bond by communicating to their children. And this can't happen with them being on their phone all the time, if the want to speak to that person so much, why can't the just go and speak to them in person? However, if it is a really important phone call, and they are speaking to the prime minister or something like that, the children do need to know when and when not to speak.

ag0807 · 2 weeks ago

when i want to talk its always 1minute 1minute when its actually 10 minutes

dolfincake · 2 weeks ago

Maybe as parents have spent half their time entertaining us when we were babies so they should also get their entertainment but there is a catch. It's not fair that they're on it for half of the time and they just ignore us kids.

dancemunch · 2 weeks ago

I think parents should talk to us more not only because they should interact with their own children but also because they're always telling the kids to get off their phones when really that's just hypocritical.

redpikachu · 2 weeks ago

I think yes because it’s really unsociable when you are trying to tell someone something and they just sit on their phone and don’t care what you are trying to tell them

explorer12 · 2 weeks ago

I think that parents should spend more time with their children as children's happiness is important.

my_life · 2 weeks ago

No, because when you look at your phone/iPad they get angry with you and you can say that they can't get angry since they spend too much time on their phones as well, and they normally ask the same question every time which is " How was your day at school? " and I get bored of that question, I always say "The same thing as I do every day. "

maia2018 · 2 weeks ago

you don't get to see them much ether

plane · 2 weeks ago

Yes because if the fire alarm goes on and they ignore it ad stay on their phones they will be the ones in danger!
There is also a lot of radiation

boyhornet · 2 weeks ago

You should spend more time with your family so no way

bear0407 · 2 weeks ago

I think they should send less time on phones because then they can talk to us and we can have a good time together.

natalija · 2 weeks ago

This is not the case in my family, although other parents are on their phones for most of the time and ignore their children.

itzzelz · 2 weeks ago

Yes. Although it doesn’t happen in our house I can understand how it feels to be left out.

anjana · 2 weeks ago

I think that they should use their phones less because when ever we try to share any upsetting things with them or even just if we want to talk to them about something that is bothering us, they either say "hmm" or " it's alright, it will be okay" as they are too busy on their phones to notice us!!!!!!!!!

annitdm15 · 2 weeks ago

I get ignored a lot when my mom is on her phone because she is only interested in what is on the phone instead of what I'm talking about.

xx.stxr.xx · 2 weeks ago

No, this doesn't happen in my family but to the parents that are on their phones a lot at home I say that they should try a period of time without their devices just like Simon Cowell did.

sparkleimp · 2 weeks ago

I think my parents use technology a bit more then they should, and there are more important things in life then a phone.

yoyeah27 · 2 weeks ago

I think its totally fair that adults should get off their phones. my dad is terrible at keeping of his phone and Simon Cowell is awesome for ditching his phone

sparkleimp · 2 weeks ago

I think my parents use their phones a tiny bit more then they should, and there are more important things in life then phones

fragrance · 2 weeks ago

honestly i am puzzled why and how people voted no! childhood should be treasured because once it's gone it's gone, that means you can never get it back again! if parents surround themselves with phones then thats all we will sad

mfcymru · 2 weeks ago

I don’t like it when my parents work on their phones when I come home from school because I want to talk to them.

tomboycat · 2 weeks ago

Yes and no, because I often try to talk to my parents about important things but they are only half listening because they are on their phones, but then again, my mum has a Fitbit, and I don't mind if she is checking up on her fitness.

bookcrazy1 · 2 weeks ago

No because my parents aren't constantly distracted by phones and speak to me quite often. But I do understand that this happens to some kids. I do worry about my brothers' amount of screen time though - sometimes I wonder if they're addicted!

jake10 · 2 weeks ago

I think that it is really important that parents talk to their children more, not just staring at their phone

ace2010 · 2 weeks ago

They always ignore me when I talk to them and they pay so much attention to their phone

ace2010 · 2 weeks ago

They always ignore me when I talk to them and they pay so much attention to their phone

jp_1919 · 2 weeks ago

My mum is always on her phone and often doesn't acknowledge me when I am trying to tell her important things! I really wish she could just leave her phone alone! How would she feel if I ignored her all the time!!

popcorn10 · 2 weeks ago

I don't like it when people are just always on their phones,it's really annoying.

popcorn10 · 2 weeks ago

I think that people should look up to Simon Cowell ;it's really great that he ditched his phone.

popcorn10 · 2 weeks ago

Phones are not everything

legend2258 · 2 weeks ago

It sometimes is OK but if you are doing a family activity it is not OK.

plane · 2 weeks ago

No because you could do more mischief in that time

plane · 2 weeks ago

But imagine if you are going to write your year 6 sats and you get stuck in a practice paper and they just ignoreyou

astro_girl · 2 weeks ago

I think maybe
yes because being antisocial isn't good for your health
also because phones are addictive and distracting so you shouldn't be on them much
no because in my mum's job she needs her phone a lot so if she ditched her phone she wouldn't be able to work

marioplayz · 1 week ago

This hasn't happened in my family although i've seen it happen around the area and i think that it's unfair . This should not be happening as we should all be paying attention when someone is talking.

dcfan · 1 week ago

Yes, although in my house this has never happened. Parents and children need to get outside or do something like reading or enjoy other people's company.

marioplayz · 1 week ago

This has not happened in my family but on the streets and in the area or in restaurants. I've seen grown ups ignoring their kids and concentrating on their phones more. I think this is very unfair as we all want to be listened to.

gameboyjay · 1 week ago

I want them to be kind because they might not cook tea and you would have to do it and get burnt and they should have a special time for them to play with you 😀😀

gameboyjay · 1 week ago

Yes because they would spend more time with you and keep you happy

tintin13 · 1 week ago

I think parents should stop looking at there phones so much.

ginneapig4 · 1 week ago

My parents aren't that bad but some of my friends' parents spend A LOT of time on their phones

maybe6533 · 1 week ago

I think my mum should spend 30 mins pn her phone cos shes getting additcted

jamesy10 · 1 week ago

No offense to my dad, but he does spend most of his weekend on his phone 📱 😡😡😡🔃

jamesy10 · 1 week ago

No offense to my dad but he does spend quite a lot of time on his phone at the weekend 📱🙁🙁🙁🔃

squishes · 1 week ago

Maybe although parents are on their phone sometimes they are organizing things for us but also they should talk and ask about are days at school

xcurlysuex · 1 week ago

My Dad is on his phone all the time so he doesn't notice if i've said anything. On the other hand, my Mum is on her phone much less than my Dad and if I speak to my Mum when she's on her phone, she turns it off and listens to me, im really grateful she does this.

irock122 · 1 week ago

I would like to be able to talk to my parents more, as it's important to talk about your day. Also some parents are having a impact on their lives doing this, as kids will spend more time on electronic devices .

legoben200 · 1 week ago

I think they should look at their phones less to spend more time with you: you only have 18 years with them then you leave, and do not see them as much as you do now.

sgadders · 1 week ago

i do not because my parents are never on their phones unless they are doing something important. They are always talking to me and my sister.

nergit · 1 week ago

Yes! You'd be soooooo unhappy if your mum and dad were on their phone 24 7! Who wouldn't?
📱= 😔

doctor2010 · 1 week ago

No , because mine need it for thier jobs

coolgirl09 · 1 week ago

yes because even though my parents aren't on their phone that much but i know other parents do. it's just so unsociable

mollyboo8 · 7 days ago

I think so because whenever my stomach aches, I come downstairs from my room and my dad is usually talking to one of his work friends, and he doesn't end the call , he tells his friend all about me when I don't
want him to. So I want him to end the call next time ad call him back after so he can help me instead of
telling him all of my private things.

Sorry I made such a long comment.


aim123 · 6 days ago

I think they should talk to their children more. Also when you have screen it makes you grumpy. This results in you getting shouted at when you ask for them to do something for you and they know you can't do it

cleverclog · 5 days ago

My mum has set herself a challenge to not be on her phone after 9 p.m. and while we are not at school or clubs. It's working really well! Now we have more time to talk as a family and enjoy our time together!

xdcoconut · 5 days ago