Will you be getting the jab when it’s available?


15th September 2021

CHILDREN in the UK aged 12 to 15 are to be offered a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 jab, beginning next week, the Vaccines Minister has announced.

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi made the decision after the UK’s chief medical officers (CMOs) said that the rollout could prevent around 30,000 infections between October 2021 and March 2022, meaning 110,000 fewer missed days of in-person schooling.

England’s CMO, Professor Chris Whitty, said it was a “difficult decision” because the health benefits were small, but it could be an “important and useful tool” in stopping school disruption in the coming months.

Mr Zahawi said it was hoped the first vaccinations in England would take place by 22 September.

If you’re 12 or older, you will receive an “offer” to be vaccinated, and be given support to make the decision alongside your parents. they are sure you fully understand the situation.

Meanwhile, the Government has begun to set out its winter plans for managing COVID-19 in England. These include measures to stop the NHS becoming overwhelmed by both flu and coronavirus cases.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid told Parliament that ‘Plan A’ measures included the rollout of vaccines to young people, a UK-wide booster jab programme for the over-50s and continuing work to test, trace and isolate those with COVID-19.

An extra £5.4bn will be put into the NHS in England for the next six months, and it is “highly likely” that frontline health workers soon will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

While it’s hoped that this will be enough to keep case numbers low, the Government hasn’t ruled out a ‘Plan B’. This could include reintroducing masks, social distancing, vaccine passports, or even lockdowns as a last resort, as well as asking people to work from home.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the trigger for Plan B would be based on pressures on the NHS.


Will you be getting the jab when it’s available to you?


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blackmamba · 11 months ago

I will because even though it will hurt it protects others

kuhuzoo9 · 11 months ago

I would because it will keep me and others safe

redindian9 · 11 months ago

I won't because I don't think it will benefit me very much, especially as I already had Covid, and the long term side effects are still unknown.

marthajja · 11 months ago

I am 9 and me and my family are confident for me to have it.

ivansp2011 · 11 months ago

It is unlikely as their are pretty high death rates and we are kids so it might have a different effect on us. Also, there will be queues and it only costs one person there to have Covid and all of the people will catch the disease.

phoebeh · 11 months ago

I wouldn't because there isn't enough proof that the vaccination is actually effective.
Also, children recover better from covid, so overall, I think it's unnecessary and shouldn't be made compulsory.

xiangxiang · 11 months ago

Yes because it can protect you and it can stop the spread.

mothstar · 11 months ago

I'm fine thanks

anonymous8 · 11 months ago

I will get it because early in the pandemic, a thirteen year old died after testing positive and I don’t want to end up like him, even though it is very rare.

squish123 · 11 months ago

50 50

ameliau · 11 months ago

I am 11 years old. So just escaped the age brackets, I don't think that the government will go any lower but if they do then I am sure that my parents will be confident and allow to have it but also respect my decision if I decide not to.

youssiano7 · 11 months ago

I would because it would help the population, and I'd feel more comfortable.

tomato6 · 11 months ago

It may hurt but it is worth it as it protects me and others

codonnell · 11 months ago

I won't be getting the vaccine because there is no real evidence that the side effects aren't potentially dangerous or harmful for children. I think it's important to protect other people but you need to think about yourself too and I don't want to have any harmful side effects.

hogwarts90 · 11 months ago

Of course I will! It will protect others and myself and all I want is to stop covid so I definitely will. Also, I’m sorry if I offend anyone by saying this, but I think anyone who doesn’t want it is kinda selfish actually,

hogwarts90 · 11 months ago

I also wanna say that last year we were thanking the nhs and praising them, however this year everyone is just not taking the vaccine they worked so hard on which is really sad because think about how much work that would have taken to make and everyone is just abandoning it it’s actall really sad so everyone talks your vaccine!! 🧪🦠💉💉🔬

weirdcat · 11 months ago

Um...IT WILL PROTECT OTHERS?!!?!!?!! I will be getting my jab as soon as its available to protect my friends and family.

Gingerman · 10 months ago

100% can't wait to get mine and feel safer. This is a serious disease, and my paramedic grandad has helped so many people that couldn't breathe, and there was that poor 15 yr old that died of it last week. I will do everything I can to stay safer...If people want the world to get back to normal then they need to be vaccinated.

kitkatgirl · 10 months ago

they can if they want to

aquablade · 10 months ago

I have already had it at school and only got a dead arm for a day. there were no side-effects

frogster10 · 10 months ago

I already got it. Nothing happened. I’m in no pain, I’m alive and strong 💪

mothstar · 10 months ago

my mum wants me to have it so i will now

lilpenguin · 10 months ago

I've had my jab and I'm really glad I did! :)

pollardian · 9 months ago

I don't really want to as it will make little to no difference if I do. I think I'd rather wait until I'm older or just over 18. I also just don't like needles haha.

dscool · 8 months ago

Yes but I am only 8 so I don't know when I am getting it. Or if we get it!!!

mxm0 · 3 months ago

it is totally proven that it's totally safe so I obviously will have it- it will protect me and others.